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PLEASE use DECENT quality Cd-r's. If I can see through the
Cd-r "IN THE DARK", it is NOT a DECENT quality Cd-r !!!
If your recordings have any GLITCHES/SKIPS/ERRORS, please tell me.
Please NO commercially released material !!!
Lastly, and VERY IMPORTANTLY, I absolutely WILL NOT ACCEPT  any Cd-r which
has ANYTHING WRITTEN ON IT (Except in the INNER CIRCLE), or ANY Cd-r which has
ADHESIVE/TAPE/POST-IT on ANY surface of the Cd-r. Please protect each Cd-r during shipping.
Unfortunately, I can no longer trade OUTSIDE THE UNITED STATES/CANADA, sorry !!!
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7-27-96 "Summer of '96"-Wembley Arena,London,England/120 Minutes



?-?-89-"Voodoo"-The Spectrum,Philadelphia,Pennsylvania/120 Minutes

8-11-90-“Unplugged”-New York City,New York/70 Minutes

“Rare Trax”-Rare Collection Of Studio Outtakes{Some Acoustic}/65 Minutes

See “DVD Section”



8-30-92-Wetlands,New York City,New York/90 Minutes{With Warren Haynes and Al Woody}



?-?-70-Atlanta Pop Festival,Atlanta,Georgia/143 MInutes

4-4-70-Ludlow's Garage-NOT The Commercial Release/120 Minutes

10-?-70-State University Of New York At Stonybrook{Kickass Jams}/70 Minutes

“With Or Without You:The Idlewood South Outtakes”/72 Minutes

6-27-71-Fillmore East,New York City,New York/75 Minutes

8-26-71-A&R Studios,New York City,New York/70 Minutes{Kickass FM}

9-16-71-The Warehouse,New Orleans,Louisiana/160 Minutes{Rare Duane on "Blue Sky"}

?-?-71-“The Gatlinburg,Tennessee Tapes”-Rare “Blue Sky” Jams/75 Minutes

8-6-72-Hollywood Bowl,Hollywood,California {With Johnny Winter}/72 Minutes

12-31-73-The Cow Palace,San Francisco,California/250 Minutes{SBD- Great}

7-19-79-Merriweather Ampitheatre,Columbia,Md/75 Minutes

11-10-91-Pacific Ampitheater-"Wild Bluesy Road"/140 Minutes {SBD-Excellent}

?-?-91-"All Or Nothing"/118 Minutes {SBD-Excellent}

7-31-03-Great Woods-Special Guest Filling In For Dickey Betts/140 Minutes

8-1-03-Great Woods-Zack Wylde Filling In For Dickey Betts/145 Minutes{UNREAL!!!}

7-2-99-GTE-Virginia Beach Ampitheatre,Virginia Beach,Va./145 Minutes

6-4-00-“Superstar Series”-Venue Unknown/130 Minutes

8-18-01-Clarkston,Michigan/145 Minutes

3-14-02-Beacon Theater,New York City,New York/150 Minutes

3-15-02-Beacon Theater,New York City,New York/150 Minutes

3-16-02-Beacon Theater,New York City,New York/150 Minutes

3-19-02-Beacon Theater,New York City,New York/165 Minutes

3-21-02-Beacon Theater,New York City,New York/165 Minutes

3-23-02-Beacon Theater,New York City,New York/165 Minutes

6-10-02-Warfield Theater,San Francisco,California/160 Minutes

3-14-03-Beacon Theater,New York City,New York/160 Minutes

3-29-03-Beacon Theater,New York City,New York/160 Minutes

See "Delaney & Bonnie" & "Dickey Betts" & “Derek & The Dominoes” & “DVD Section”



?-?-?-Venue Unknown-Excellent Soundboard Recording/47 Minutes

?-?-79-Central Park,NYC,NY/60 Minutes

?-?-99-Baden,Germany/70 Minutes{EXCELLENT SBD}



?-?-83-“Asia In Asia”-MTV Special-Greg LakeOn Vocals/68 Minutes

9-10-83-“The Last Originals”-Detroit,Michigan/125 Minutes



5-4-54-Chapel Hill,North Carolina/110 Minutes

6-1-56-"The Great Chicago Concert",Chicago,Illinois/140 Minutes



8-24-79-"Strobelight"-Boston Performance Center,Boston,Massachusetts/70 Minutes{No Art}

1-26-82-Montego Bay,Jamaica/70 Minutes

?-?-92-"From Outer Space To Europe"/70 Minutes



"The Complete Last Waltz"-The Entire,Unedited Performance/265 Minutes

12-28->31-71-“Academy Of Outtakes”-Academy Of Music,New York City/140 Minutes



10-02-00-Venue Unknown/74 Minutes



“Live In Budokan”/65 Minutes



?-?-64-Sacramento,California,First & Second Shows/100 Minutes{SBD}

10-22-66-Ann Arbor,Michigan{Early & Late Shows}/120 Minutes

“Vocals Only”-Collection Of Voice-Overs/54 Minutes

1966-1997-“Smile:The Unreleased Album”/76 Minutes {GREAT !!}

“The Live Box”-Contains 10-22-66 Shows{Complete}+Outtakes & Rehearsals/195 Minutes

Beach Boys Rarities Volume 6: 1978->1983-Demos & Alternates/60 Minutes

Beach Boys Rarities Volume 8: 1990->1998-Demos & Alternates/60 Minutes

Beach Boys Rarities Volume 9: 1962->1972 Live Tracks/60 Minutes

Beach Boys Rarities Volume 10: Live 3-15-64{Washington DC} & 11-19-67/62 Minutes

Beach Boys Rarities Volume 11: Live In London 12-1-68&12-8-68 {Both Shows}/65 Minutes

Beach Boys Rarities Volume 12: Live In 8-25-67{Honolulu} & 10-3-70{Big Sur}/70 Minutes

Beach Boys Rarities Volume 13: Brian Wilson Rarities:1976-2000/72 Minutes

Beach Boys Rarities Volume 14: Dennis Wilson: Bamboo & Bonus Tracks/72 Minutes

Beach Boys Rarities Volume 15: Brian Wilson: “Sweet Insanity”/63 Minutes

Beach Boys Rarities Volume 16: Brian Wilson:”Production,Participation&Presence”-Part1/53 Minutes

Beach Boys Rarities Volume 17: Brian Wilson:”Production,Participation&Presence”-Part 2/55 Minutes

Beach Boys Rarities Volume 18: Brian Wilson:”Production,Participation&Presence”-Part 3/55 Minutes

"Time To Get Alone"-Various Sessions & Party Talk 1965-1967/130 Minutes

"The Pet Sounds Collection of  "Pet Sounds "Outtakes/"Vocals Only" Recordings/70 Minutes

“Unsurpassed Masters 13-14-15 “The Pet Sounds Sessions/650 Minutes{Yes…11 Cd’s}

?-?-71-Syracuse,New York/Soundboard/65 Minutes

“Pet Sounds Live”-Brian Wilson Performing The Hits That Made Him Famous/44 Minutes

“Beach Boys:Unplugged & Live”-Beach Boy Classics. Includes Rehearsals/157 Minutes



6-20-98-Germany/74 Minutes



“The Complete Tony Sheridan & The Beat Brothers Mixes{W/Beatles}/70 Minutes

“Hamburg Bop”-Nice Material From Germany From Early Career/105 Minutes

1-1-62-The New Years Eve Decca Auditions”-Beatles With Pete Best Auditioning For Decca Records{They Were Turned Down!}/35 Minutes

1960->3-"Artifacts 2-Youngblood"-Studio Work From 1960-3

1960->4“Ultimate Unreleased”-Rare Songs{Studio/Live}/73 Minutes

“History Of The Beatles Volume 1”-1962-63-Music&Talks About The Era/75 Minutes

“History Of The Beatles Volume 2”-1963-64-Music&Talks About The Era/75 Minutes

“History Of The Beatles Volume 3”-1965-66-Music&Talks About The Era/75 Minutes

“History Of The Beatles Volume 4”-1966-67-Music&Talks About The Era/75 Minutes

“History Of The Beatles Volume 5”-1968-69-Music&Talks About The Era/75 Minutes

“History Of The Beatles Volume 6”-1969-70-Music&Talks About The Era/75 Minutes

“The John Barrett Cassette Dubs:Volume 5”-Beatles Solo Demos/Outtakes/54 Minutes

“The John Barrett Cassette Dubs:Volume 6”-Great Demos/Outtakes Throughout Career/64 Minutes

“The John Barrett Cassette Dubs:Volume 7”-The 1/5/70 Glyn Johns Version of the “Get Back” Album/65 Minutes

“The John Barrett Collection”-GREAT Demos & Outtakes Throughout Their Career/210 Minutes

“Anthropology”-Collection of 60 Studio Cuts From Various Eras/75 Minutes

“Casualties”-Outtakes & Demos Of 16 Beatle Songs Throughout Career/73 Minutes

“Beatles:FANthology”-Outtakes,Studio Cuts,&Live Cuts Throughout Career/150 Minutes

“The Definitive Mixes”-Early Beatle Music Presented In It’s Original MONO Format/65 Minutes

“The Complete BBC Sessions”-Compilation Of Entire Recordings/9 Cd’s{Great Dane-Italy}

"Puttin' On The Style"-Interviews/Performances From 1957-64/69 Minutes

1962->69-"Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 6"-Studio Work From 1962-69/60 Minutes

1962->69-"Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 7"-Studio Work From 1962-69/70 Minutes

"The Original Masters"-First Four Beatle Albums In STEREO/135 Minutes

“Alternate Past Masters-Vol. 1”-Collection Of Outtakes/Rehearsals From 1962-65/75 Minutes

“Alternate Past Masters-Vol. 2”-Collection Of Outtakes/Rehearsals From 1968-70/72 Minutes

1962-1965-“Live In The United Kingdom”/120 Minutes

"The Complete Christmas Collection"-Yellow Dog Records/60 Minutes

10-24-63-Sweden Radio Show "Stars of '63"/30 Minutes

1963/1964-“Live In Concert-Liverpool & Washington”-2 Shows/65 Minutes

1963->1990-“The Songs The Beatles Gave Away”/280 Minutes

“Pollwinners”-Various Live Performance From 1963 To 1965/74 Minutes

“Beatles For Sale:The Sessions”-Nice Studio Work/110 Minutes

2-11-64-“1st American Concert”-Washington Coliseum,Washington,D.C./32 Minutes

1964-"Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 2"- Studio Work From 1964/70 Minutes

1964-Hollywood Bowl{Different From Official Release}/30 Minutes

“The Beatles Royal Variety”-Various Live & Radio Appearance 1963&1965/80 Minutes

“The Help! Sessions-Nice Collection Of Studio Outtakes & Demos/75 Minutes

6-16-64-Royal Festival Hall,Melbourne, Australia/33 Minutes

6-30-64-Budokan-Tokyo,Japan/31 Minutes{VCD Also Available}

7-1-64-Budokan-Tokyo,Japan/31 Minutes{VCD Also Available}

7-17-64-“The Parlophone Sessions” BBC Paris Studios,London,England/75 Minutes

8-23-64-Hollywood Bowl{Not Official Release-U.K.?}/35 Minutes

8-23-64-Hollywood Bowl{Also Different From Official Release}/36 Minutes

9-2-64-Philadelphia Convention Center,Philadelphia, Pa./31 Minutes

9-8-64-The Forum Montreal,Quebec,Canada/30 Minutes

8-21/22-64-“Northwest Nights”-Seattle,Washington/Vancouver,Canada/72 Minutes

64-65-"The Complete Hollywood Bowl"-{8-3-64 & 8-30-65-Early & Late}/140 Minutes

1964->66-"The Complete Ed Sullivan Appearances"+Nice Filler/135 Minutes

“Crazy Shows”-Live Cuts From Ed Sullivan And Other Venues/70 Minutes

1964->65-"Artifacts 2-Ticket To Ride"-Studio Work From 1964-5

“Rubber Soul:The Musician’s Mix”-Alternate Remixed Version Of The Album

"The Ultimate Live Collection"-4 Nicely Recorded Beatle Shows From 1964-65 Era/150 Minutes

1-8-65-Palais De Sports,Paris,France{Early&Late Shows}/65 Minutes

6-20-65-Palais de Sports,Paris,France/35 Minutes

8-15-65-Shea Stadium,Flushing,New York /35 Minutes {Contains Final Show As Well}

8-18-65-Atlanta Stadium,Atlanta,Georgia/35 Minutes

8-29-65-Hollywood Bowl,Hollywood,California/31 Minutes

?-?-?-“The Beatles In Italy”/30 Minutes

1965->1968  “Attack Of The Filler Beebs: Vol 3”- Interviews/Studio/Tv Appearances/70 Minutes

8-29-66-Candlestick Park,San Francisco/35 Minutes-"FINAL LIVE SHOW"/35 Minutes

"The Help! Sessions"-Outtakes/Demos from Help!/72 Minutes

"Soul Sessions"-Collection Of Outtakes From The Rubber Soul Album/120 Minutes

“The Girl Outtakes”-Rubber Soul/Revolver Era Outtakes/75 Minutes

“Alternate Rubber Soul”-Nice Studio Recordings From The LP/60 Minutes

“Another Tracks Of Rubber Soul”-Nice Outtakes/Alternate Versions/145 Minutes

"Revolving"-Collection Of Outtakes From The Revolver Album/120 Minutes

"Alternate Revolver"-Collection Of Outtakes/72 Minutes

"Alternate Revolver-#2"-More Outtakes From The Revolver Album/72 Minutes

1966->67-"Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 3"- Studio Work From 1966-7/60 Minutes

1966->67-"Artifacts 2-Northern Songs"-Studio Work From 1966-67/67 Minutes

7-?-67-“The Little Girl Tapes”-Informal Chatting w/Paul,George,Klaus & Girls/56 Minutes

"Acoustic Submarine"-Outtakes Spanning 1964-1968

“Alternate Magical Submarine Tour”-Nice Outtakes/Demos-Mid-Sixties/130 Minutes

1967-“The Magical Mystery Demos”/60 Minutes

“It’s Not Too Bad”-The Evolution Of Strawberry Fields”/70 Minutes

"Alternate Magical Mystery Tour"-Outtakes From Magical Mystery Tour LP/60 Minutes

“Alternate Mystery Tour”-Studio Work From Magical Mystery Tour/75 Minutes

“Magical Mystery Boy”-Demos/Outtakes From Magical Mystery Tour/125 Minutes

“The Alternative Album: Vol 1”-Outtakes From Magical Mystery Tour/60 Minutes

“Strawberry Lane”-Nice Evolution Of “Strawberry Fields”+Outtakes/123 Minutes

"Rocking Movie Stars Vol. 6"-Outtakes From "Let It Be" Era/72 Minutes {SBD}{Great Banter}

"Lost Pepperland Reels"-Collection Of Outtakes From The Sgt. Pepper Album/65 Minutes

"Pepperland"-Outtakes/Demos/Clips From The Sgt. Pepper Album/Era/130 Minutes

"Alternate Hey Jude"-Outtakes From "Hey Jude"/60 Minutes

Mid 60's-"Watching Rainbows"-Various Outtakes/Demos/70 Minutes

"The Abbey Road Outtakes"-Amazing Studio Work/140 Minutes

“The Abbey Road Companion”-Studio Work From The Album/70 Minutes{SBD}

“Abbey Road-The Other Way Of Crossing”-Outtakes&Demos/66 Minutes

June,1968->October,1968-“The White Sessions”-Nice Studio Work From The White Album/4 Cd’s

1968-Artifacts 2-"Alone Together"-Studio Work From 1968

1968-"Revolution"- Studio Work From 1968/60 Minutes

1968-"Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 4"-Studio Work From 1968/60 Minutes

“Mythology”-Demos/Outtakes From 1968-69/75 Minutes

“Casualties”-Various Demos/Outtakes/74 Minutes

“It’s Not Too Bad”-Various Versions Of Strawberry Fields and Songs Of That Era/76 Minutes

1968->70-“Attack Of The Filler Beebs: Vol. 4”-Interviews/Studio/TV Appearances/70 Minutes

12-?-68-“The Dirty Mac Sessions”-Lennon,Clapton,Richards,Mitchell,Yoko/73 Minutes

"Archive Box #1"-Collection Of Studio Outtakes & Demos,Spanning Entire Career/340 Minutes

"The Black Album"-Beatles Outtakes From The Late 60's {Abbey Road/White Album}/145 Minutes

"The Alternate White Album"-Awesome Demos and Acoustic Outtakes/A++/135 Minutes

“The White Sessions”-Nice Studio Work From The White Album/280 MInutes

“Get Back Masters Collection”-The “Intended” Let It Be Recordings/60 Minutes

“Get Back Journals-Studio Work From The Let It Be Era/550 Minutes-8 Cd’s

1969-"Artifacts 2-The Longest Road"-Studio Work From 1969/72 Minutes

1969-"Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 5"-Studio Work from 1969/60 Minutes

?-?-69-“Twickenham Sessions”-Killer Studio Works/575 Minutes-8 Cd’s{Yellow Dog Release}

1-30-69-"Let It Be/Get Back" Outtakes/45 Minutes

1-30-69-Let It Be Rehearsals/Rooftop-Volume One/65 Minutes

“Let It Be Rehearsals Volume 2-Mostly George Solo Material-Talking/60 Minutes

“Let It Be Rehearsals Volume 3-Acoustic Set-Mostly George Solo Material/58 Minutes

“The Let It Be Sessions”-Studio Recordings/Demos/70 Minutes

“Thirty Days”-Studio Session Work From 1969-EXCELLENT !!/17 Cd’s{Yes, SEVENTEEN}

“Behind Closed Doors”-Let It Be Rehearsals/81 Minutes

9-22-69-“WBCN:Get Back Reference Acetates”-Listing is “Broadcast” Date/70 Minutes

1969-"Live On Apple Corp Rooftop" Concert"/45 Minutes

"Backtrack 3"-Various Studio Outtakes/72 Minutes

“The Complete Control Room Monitor Mixes”-Various Monitor Recordings/125 Minutes

“The Control Room Mixes”-Studio Work From A Mixing Board Listening Angle/60 Minutes

“Twenty Never Published Songs”-Nice Collection Of Unreleased Songs/65 Minutes

1969->71-"Artifacts 3-"Not Fade Away"-Studio Work From 1969-71

“The Psychedelic Mixes”-Collection Of Warped-Sounding Takes Of Songs/74 Minutes

“Beatles:Unbootlegged #5”-Collection Of Rare Tidbits/78 Minutes

“Beatles:Unbootlegged #6”-Collection Of Rare Tidbits/77 Minutes

“Beatles:Unbootlegged #7”-Collection Of Rare Tidbits/77 Minutes

“Tell Me What You See”-Various Outtakes/Demos/Interviews/78 Minutes

“Strange Mixes”-Collection Of Various Variations Of Beatle Classics/77 Minutes

“The Making Of All Things Must Pass-Great Demos/Outtakes From The ATMP Sessions/170 Minutes

“George Harrison: Acetates&Alternates:Vol. 2”-Mostly Pre-All Things Must Pass Cuts/65 Minutes

“John Lennon: Serve Yourself”-Unreleased Demos & Outtakes/69 Minutes

“John Lennon: Watching The Wheels”-Unreleased Demos & Outtakes/68 Minutes

“John Lennon: News Of The Days”-Unreleased Demos & Outtakes/66 Minutes

“John Lennon: Dreaming Of The Past”-Unreleased Demos & Outtakes/68 Minutes

“John Lennon: Yer Blues”-Unreleased Demos & Outtakes/66 Minutes

“John Lennon: Look At Me”-Unreleased Demos & Outtakes/67 Minutes

“The Lost Lennon Tapes-Volumes 5&6”/120 Minutes

“The Lost Lennon Tapes-Volumes 7&8/75 Minutes

"The Lost Lennon Tapes-Volume 8"{Different From Above}-/60 Minutes

“The Lost Lennon Tapes-Volume 25”/45 Minutes

“The Lost Lennon Tapes-Volume 26-27”/78 Minutes

“John Lennon Unplugged”-Collection of Home Demos,Solo On Guitar 1968-1980/78 Minutes

1971-“Imagine The Alternative?”-Demos From John’s Home Studio In Ascot/70 Minutes

10-9-71-“Let’s Have A Party”-John’s 30th Birthday Jam At His House/65 Minutes

"The Imagine Sessions"-Studio Work From John Lennon/65 Minutes

"The Dream Is Over"-Plastic Ono Band Outtakes/68 Minutes{SBD}

“The Wild Life Demos”-Paul McCartney Demos/Outtakes From “Wild Life”/58 Minutes

8-30-72-Madison Square Garden,New York City,John Lennon{and Yoko}/70 Minutes

10-?-74-“The May Pang Tapes”-Self-Recorded Home Jams During Break From Yoko/50 Minutes

“John Lennon: Listen To This”-July,1974 Rehearsals/Rough Cuts/220 Minutes

“John Lennon Journals: Volumes 1->10-”-Great Studio/Live Material/740 Minutes

“The Lost Sleepy Blind Lemon Lennon Album”-Various Rare Songs/65 Minutes

?-?-73-"I'm The Greatest"-John Lennon/George/Ringo FINAL SESSION/35 Minutes

"Turn Me On Dead Man"-Great Outtakes From Throughout Beatles' Career/130 Minutes

“Beware Of ABKCO"-George Harrison Acoustic Demos {& Some Electric Demos}/70 Minutes

"All Things Must Pass"-George Harrison-Studio Outtakes of Superb Quality/180 Minutes

“Songs For Patty”-Outtakes/Demos From All Things Must Pass w/Clapton/75 Minutes

“Red Rose Speedway:Collector’s Edition”/110 Minutes

“Paul McCartney & Wings: Unsurpassed Masters Vol.1”-Red Rose Speedway Era/65 Minutes

“Paul McCartney & Wings: Unsurpassed Masters Vol.2”-Early Wings Studio Material/60 Minutes

“Paul McCartney Rarities:Volume One”/70 Minutes

?-?-74-"One Hand Clapping"-{Wings}-Live At Abbey Road-From Unreleased Video/77 Minutes

1972-75-"Artifacts 3-Sue You, Sue Me"-Studio Work From 1972-1975

1976-80-"Artifacts 3-As Time Goes By"-Studio Work From  1976-1980

“Beatles Soundbites”-Collection Of Talks By The Fab Four About Classic Songs/120 Minutes

Beatles Anthology 4-Classics Outtakes&Demos/140 Minutes

Beatles Anthology 5-Classics Outtakes&Demos/140 Minutes

Beatles Anthology 6-Classics Outtakes&Demos/140 Minutes

8-?-72-“Got Any Toothpicks?”-Paul & Wings-Cuts From The Tour/54 Minutes{SBD}

"The Venus & Mars Outtake Collection"/100 Minutes

“Venus & Mars: Basic Trax”-Studio Outtakes & Demos/53 Minutes

1976-"Rehearsals Over America",For Wings Tour/140 Minutes

3-26-76-“Wings Over France”-The Pavilion,Paris,France/125 Minutes

5-22-76-“Wings Over Boston”-Boston Music Hall”,Boston,Massachusetts/140 Minutes

6-23-76-Los Angeles,Ca.{Paul McCartney & Wings}/140 Minutes

?-?-77-“The Watermelon Sessions”-Outtakes From “London Town” Era/78 Minutes

“Ballroom Dancing”-Paul McCartney And Denny McClaine Demos/75 Minutes

"The London Town Demos & Rough Cuts"- Studio Work From London Town/70 Minutes

"The London Town Sessions"-Outtakes and Unreleased Studio Work}/110 Minutes

"The Lost McCartney II Album"-Unreleased & Rare Songs/70 Minutes{Plus 2 CD’s Of Extras}

1978 "The Piano Tape"-Paul On Piano Doing Several Unreleased Songs /120 Minutes

"Eggs Up"-Collection of  Outtakes From "Back To The Egg"/47 Minutes

"Eggs Up"-A Different Collection Of Outtakes Than The Above/95 Minutes

“Sunny Side Up”-“Back To The Egg” Rehearsals/125 Minutes{Crystal Cat Release}

12-17-79--"Last Flight"-Glasgow,Scotland-FINAL Wings Show!/120 Minutes

“Every Song The Beatles Gave Away”-Collection of “Given Away” Songs/75 Minutes

“Meet The Threetles”-Free As A Bird/Real Love Sessions/65 Minutes

August/September 1980-“A Heart Play-1 Disk Studio&1 Disk Home Demos/150 Minutes

1978->1980-"John Lennon:Un-Authorized"-Very Raw Demos For Double Fantasy/74 Minutes

“The Unreleased John Lennon Anthology”-Various Live/Home/Demo Cuts/280 Minutes

1980-“Double Fantasy:The Working Version”-Outtakes & Demos/68 Minutes

12-6-80-“The Final John Lennon BBC Interview”/275 Minutes

1984-1987-“Return To Pepperland”-McCartney Studio Work/73 Minutes{Excellent}

?-?-89-“Paul McCartney:Live In Paris”/80 Minutes

September->December 1989-“Rock Devil Rock”-Paul Appearances & Guests/74 Minutes

6-28-90-“Imagine In Liverpool: The Comeback”-King’s Dog Arena,Liverpool,England/3 Cd’s

1991-George Harrison & Eric Clapton On Tour In Japan/135 Minutes

1981->94-"Artifacts 3-Free As A Bird"-Studio Work From 1980-1994

9-26-89-Norway/Paul Solo/90 Minutes {So-So Quality}

1989-1993-“Off The Flowers”-4 CD Collection Of Paul B-Sides & Rarities/280 Minutes

“Paul McCartney: Pizza & Fairy Tales”-Collection Of Demos/Outtakes From The Early 90’s/147 Minutes

1-25-91-"Paul McCartney Unplugged"-Wembley,London/70 Minutes

12-3-91-“Rock Regends”-George Harrison/Eric Clapton In Japan/120 Minutes

6-2-93-Venue Unknown-Milwaukee,Wisconsin/120 Minutes{SBD}

6-15-93-Blockbuster Pavilion-Charlotte,North Carolina/100 Minutes{SBD}

"McManus/McCartney Collaboration"-Collection of Co-Written Material/70 Minutes

"A Royal Performance"-McCartney/MacManus & Friends/70 Minutes

8-25-98-{Ringo’s All-Stars}The Big Concert Hall-Moscow,Russia/150 Minutes

12-14-99-"Paul McCartney:Live At The Cavern"{Where It All Started}/65 Minutes

4-10-02-United Center,Chicago,Illinois/130 Minutes {Great Audience Recording}

4-16-02-First Union Center,Philadelphia,Pennsylvania/140 Minutes

4-17-02-Continental Arena,East Rutherford,New Jersey/150 Minutes{DVD VIDEO}

4-21-02-Nassau Coliseum,Long Island,New York/130 Minutes {Great Audience Recording}

4-24-02-MCI Center,Washington D.C./140 Minutes{ALD-SBD}

4-26-02-Madison Square Garden-New York City,New York {Great Audience Recording}

5-12-02-Phillips Arena,Atlanta,Georgia/165 Minutes

9-23-02-Venue Unknown/160 Minutes

10-1-02-Fleet Center,Boston,Massachusetts/160 Minutes

10-5-02-Conseco Fieldhouse-Indianapolis,Indiana/150 Minutes

5-24-03-Moscow,Russia/150 Minutes

6-2-04-Zurich, Switzerland/120 Minutes

“The Original Remaster Series”-Completely Remastered Versions of 14 Beatles’ Albums

“See VCD Section” & “DVD Section”



5-3-75-" Reel To Real"-Boston,Massachusetts/70 Minutes {Maser Reels}

?-?-86-Venue Unkown-Japan "Lotus Gem"/135 Minutes {WITH CARLOS SANTANA}

?-?-86-From the "Flash" Tour/73 Minutes

4-3-99-Chicago Theater,Chicago,Illinois/130 Minutes

3-16-01-Massey Hall,Toronto,Canada/8 "Videos" On CD-R

"Assorted Live"-Collection Songs w/Stevie Ray Vaughan & Rod Stewart/74 Minutes



11-25-96-“Storytellers & More”-Various TV Appearances/79 Minutes

?-?-98-“One Night Only:Australia”/105 Minutes

4-27-01-“Bee Gees:Live By Request”/78 Minutes



"The Lone Rhino Outtakes"/73 Minutes

9-21-83-Bottom Line,New York City/90 Minutes

9-30-83-Beverly Theater-Los Angeles,California/84 Minutes

7-24-89-Minneapolis,Minnesota "Audie's Birthday"/130 Minutes

?-?-95-"Acoustic Belew"/50 Minutes {SBD}

8-?-96-Mexico City w/King Crimson/70 Minutes

12-18-01-Two Venues In Cincinnati,Ohio/70 Minutes {w/ The Bears}



“Greatest Hit Live:The King Bisquit Flower Hour”/74 Minutes

8-15-93-Electric Ladyland Studios-NYC,NY/60 Minutes

3-30-97-Las Vegas Hilton {I Think},Las Vegas,Nevada/74 Minutes



1970's-Fillmore Auditorium,San Francisco,California/70 Minutes



4-14-96-Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Show w/Warren Haynes & Allen Woody/68 Minutes

3-7-04-Mr. Smalls,Millvale,Pennsylvania/115 Minutes

See “Allman Brothers”



?-?-?-GreekTheater {Early 90's}/40 Minutes{FM}

?-?-?-“Foamfoot”-Live Show Of All Cover Material-Guest:DavidCrosby/76 Minutes

1997-“The Unreleased CD”\45 Minutes

10-19-99-The Greek Theater-Los Angeles, CA w/Jimmy Page/120 Minutes{Soundboard}

7-6-2000-Nissan Pavilion,Bristow,Virginia w/Jimmy Page/155 Minutes

7-8-2000-E Center,Camden,New Jersey w/Jimmy Page/157 Minutes



?-?-95-Wembley Arena, London,England/175 Minutes

1-31-98-"Red Bank Night"-Benefit Show w/Bruce Springsteen/180 Minutes{Incredible}

"Storytellers"-Nice Collection Of Music Performed Live For A Small Audience/65 Minutes

“Rare Trax”-Unusual Demos/65 Minutes

1-12-03-Osaka Dome,Osaka,Japan/145 Minutes

See “DVD” Section



9-27-76-The Agora Ballroom,Cleveland,Ohio/70 Minutes

?-?-77-Long Beach,California/47 Minutes{SBD}

7-25-87-“More Than A Third Stage”-Oakland,California/110 Minutes



2-13-69-“Rebel,Rebel”-Birmingham,England/70 Minutes

10-20-72-"Ziggy's Lament"-Civic Center,Santa Monica,Ca/1st US Show/77 Minutes

9-5-74-Los Angeles Universal Ampitheater,Los Angeles,California/130 Minutes

"Vampires Of Human Flesh"-Outtakes From The "Scary Monsters" Album/72 Minutes

2-28-76-Cleveland Public Auditorium,Cleveland,Ohio/79 Minutes

1983-Bowie w/Stevie Ray Rehearsing  For The Tour That Never Happened, Dallas,Texas/120 Minutes

6-18-83-"Sold Out"-Germany/130 Minutes

“David Bowie: 1984 USA Tour Unauthorized”-Nice Concert/113 Minutes/SBD

?-?-87-Sydney,Australia/120 Minutes

8-5-90-“All Time Model”-Milton Keynes,United Kingdom{w/Adrian Belew}/130 Minutes

"50 Dead Dogs"-50th Birthday Concert/145 Minutes

“David Bowie In Foreign Tongues”-Bowie Singing In Different Languages/67 Minutes

10-19/20-96-Bridge School Benefit,Mountain View,California{Acoustic}/80 Minutes

1997-“Live Radio Show Album Network”-Acoustic/76 Minutes{EXCELLENT}

10-15-97-Radio City Music Hall,New York City,New York/135 Minutes

10-14-99-“French Affair”-Elysee Montmartre,Paris,France/73 Minutes{EXCELLENT SBD}

11-19-99-"Kit Kat Klub"-New York City,N.Y./72 Minutes

6-27-00-Live At The BBC/60 Minutes{Excellent !!}

“The Alternative Biography”-Collection Of Alternate Versions/Live Cuts/145 Minutes

7-1-02-“Access Libre”-Olympia Music Hall,Paris,France/120 Minutes

8-16-02-“One Night At The Gorge”-Seattle,Washington/102 Minutes

October 2002-Live At The BBC/75 Minutes{Excellent!!}

“The Alternate Version Collection”-Really Cool Alternates/74 Minutes

“David Bowie:The Soundtrack Recordings”-All Cuts From Films/77 Minutes

4-1-04-Perth,Australia/140 Minutes

6-11-04-Amsterdam,Holland/140 Minutes

See “DVD” Section



?-?-88-JJ’s Blues Bar-Fort Worth,Texas/74 Minutes

5-3-89-Venue Unknown-Houston,Texas/90 Minutes

7-14-90-Foxboro Stadium,Foxboro,Massachusetts/70 Minutes{Opened For The Grateful Dead}

4-19-91-Venue Unknown-Berkeley,California/85 Minutes

2-?-2000-Gypsy Tea Room-Dallas,Texas/72 Minutes

7-27-2000-The Big Easy,Boston,Massachusetts/80 Minutes



1967-Nina Demos from Elektra Studios/74 Minutes

1971-Criterion Demos/55 Minutes

3-19-75-"Rock Me On The Water"-Calderone Hall/110 Minutes

12-8-76-“Acoustic With Warren Zevon”-Nice Live Radio Show In Holland/47 Minutes

7-18-82-“Hold Out In Montreux”-Montreux,Switzerland/130 Minutes

3-18-86-Grugenhalle,Essen,Germany/130 Minutes {Including Filler}

"Golden Slumbers"-Various Live Recording/Duets/72 Minutes

3-3-94-Eugene,Oregon/FM/145 Minutes {AWESOME !!}

6-(12-14)-94-"I'm Alive"-Royal Albert Hall,London,England/180 Minutes (A++)

6-28-94-Grand Opera House,Belfast,Ireland/145 Minutes{SBD}

"Best of.. (Live)" -An Excellent Compilation Of Live Material/70 Minutes

11-22-96-"Stays In Barcelona"-Acoustic Show-Barcelona,Spain/60 Minutes

?-?-98-“Studio Acoustic Solo Live”-Digitally Mastered/45 Minutes

?-?-?-“Jackson Browne:Storytellers”/78 Minutes

5-9-02-“Naked Ride East”-A Full Concert + 3rd Cd of One-Offs From The Tour/190 Minutes

12-02-02-“KFOG Concert 4 Kids”-Davies Hall,San Francisco,California/90 Minutes

3-26-04-Sacramento Community Center,Sacramento,California/155 Minutes

See “DVD Section”



12-7-89-Bottom Line,Greenwich Village,New York City w/Ginger Baker/120 Minutes

See "Cream"



12-6-77-“Live At The Boarderhouse”-San Francisco,California/78 Minutes



Date/Venue Unknown/70 Minutes {A+}



?-?-77-Amsterdam,Holland/39 Minutes



?-?-87-Meadowlands,East Rutherford New Jersey/70 Minutes



?-?-?-Johnny Cash Show with Duane Allman & Carl Perkins/20 Minutes

?-?-68-Folsom Prison/65 Minutes

?-?-69-San Quentin Prison/65 Minutes

?-?-69-The Johnny Cash/ Bob Dylan Sessions/72 Minutes

12-01-70-“Derek & The Dominoes Live on The Johnny Cash Show” w/Carl Perkins/30 Minutes

9-7-96-Irving Plaza,New York City,New York/110 Minutes

“The American Duets”-Nice Set Of Johnny & Friends-1969-73{TV Show}&1993/63 Minutes



“In Color: The Albini Sessions”-Alternate Takes From “In Color” Album/65 Minutes

12-5-78-Capital Theater,Passaic,New Jersey/70 Minutes {SBD}

“The Complete Budokan Performance”/90 Minutes

3-18-89-"Spring Break",Fort Lauderdale,Florida/50 Minutes

4-30-98-“Budokan Night”-The Metro,Chicago,Illinois/72 Minutes

5-3-98-“Heaven Tonight Night”-The Metro,Chicago,Illinois/73 Minutes

6-10-78-Paradise Theater,Boston,Massachusetts/70 Minutes

3-24-80-Providence, Rhode Island/125 Minutes

12-31-00-Venue Unknown-Chicago,Illinois/68 Minutes

7-9-02-House Of Blues,Los Angeles,California/78 Minutes

8-23-03-Reno,Nevada/90 Minutes

See “DVD Section”



8-30-69-Texas Pop Festival-Motor Speedway-Dallas,Texas w/Janis Joplin/74 Minutes

6-12-74-“Smiling So Long”-Louisville Convention Center,Kentucky/82 Minutes/FM-SBD



1965/1966 {Various Dates}-“Eric & The Bluesbreakers”-Mostly Nice Live Stuff/65 Minutes

?-?-1973-"The Rainbow Concert Outtakes"-MANY Guests/68 Minutes

6-30-74-Uniondale,New York- "Welcome Back To New York" /117 Minutes

?-?-74-Boston,Massachusetts/120 Minutes

1974-"The 461 Sessions"/ 70 Minutes {Great Blues Jams !!}

7-10-86-"We All Went Down To Montreaux"-{Jazz Fest} w/Phil Collins & Otis Rush/145 Minutes

4-27-87-Madison Square Garden,New York City,New York/130 Minutes{Tour Finale}

2-17-92-"Play With Fire"-Royal Albert Hall,London,England/150 Minutes

6-15-93-“Gunfight At The Apollo”-w/B.B. King,Jeff Beck & Buddy Guy/70 Minutes

11-28-94-"Club Full Of Blues"-Irving Plaza,Lincoln Center,NYC,N.Y./142 Minutes

10-20-97-“In The West Of Japan”-Marine Messe,Fokuoka,Japan/120 Minutes

1998-"Double Image"-Two Shows: Canada & London/280 Minutes

4-11-99-Los Angeles,California-"1999 Tour Rehearsals"/70 Minutes{Soundboard}

11-26-99-Yokohama,Japan/Stereo Soundboard/145 Minutes {See "JJ Cale"}

8-18-01-Staples Center,Los Angeles,California/120 Minutes

4-24-04-Belfast,Ireland/140 Minutes {Killer Show}

6-29-04-Madison Square Garden,New York City,New York/110 MInutes

See "Cream" & "Derek & The Dominoes" & “DVD Section”



9-21-79-New York City,New York/80 Minutes{Cd Is 1 Track}

?-?-79-United States Tour/70 Minutes

3-8-80-Capitol Theater,Passaic,New Jersey/76 Minutes

11-27-82-Bob Marley Center, Kingston,Jamaica/65 Minutes

?--?-83-“Live At The US Festival/76 Minutes



1976-1987-"Rarities Collection Gold-Various Outtakes /210 Minutes{STUDIO-SBD}

1977/1978-"Exit"/Two Different Shows,One From Each Year/120 Min

“Crawling Across The USA”-Songs From 2 Different 1978 Shows/74 Minutes{GREAT}

12-2-77-Riviera Theater,Chicago,Illinois/70 Minutes{SBD}

12-5-77-Agora Theater,Cleveland,Ohio/70 Minutes}FM}

2-7-78-Zellerbach Auditorium.Berkeley,California\70 Minutes{SBD}

3-6-78-“Pump”-El Mocambo Club,Toronto,Canada w/Nick Lowe/60 Minutes

7-2-78-“Superlative Live”-Some Filler From 7-12-80/76 Minutes

4-12-79-“I Stand Accused”-Bethlehem,Pa./70 Minutes

?-?79-“Elvis&Friends Go To Washington”-A Few Dave Edmunds ‘78 Filler Tracks/76 Minutes

12-31-81-“Almost Blue,Almost New”-The Paladium,New York City/130 Minutes

“Nashville & More”-Collection Of Demos/Alternate Versions/66 Minutes

6-2-82-"Secondary Moderns"-Sydney,Australia/65 Minutes

8-27-82-Forest Hills Tennis Stadium,Forest Hills,New York/140 Minutes

9-7-83-“Gangster Is Back”-University Of Austin,Austin,Texas/65 Minutes

10-17-83-“Riot Act”-London,England/75 Minutes {Excellent SBD}

?-?-84-University Of Texas,Austin,Texas/Nice FM Recording/79 Minutes

11-26-84-"Elvis Goes To Paris,The Attractions Don't"/60 Minutes

3-5 or 3-9-85-"Political Action"-Logan Hall, London,England/75 Minutes

?-?-86-“The King Of Americana:The Studio Sessions”/130 Minutes{Excellent SBD}

10-18-86-Orpheum Theater,Boston,Massachusetts/130 Minutes

10-24-86-Broadway Theater,N.Y./120 Minutes

11-23-86-London,England/150 Minutes

12-1-86-Olympia Theater,Dublin,Ireland/130 Minutes

1986-"This Is Tomorrow",Europe/135 Minutes

3-29-87-Waterman’s,Brentford{UK ?}/120 MInutes

"McManus/McCartney"-Collection Of Their Co-Written Material/70 Minutes

4-1-89-University Of Rhode Island+Nice Filler/145 Minutes

4-11-89-C.W. Post College,Long Island, New York/150 Minutes

4-29-89-Sweetwater,Mill Valley, California wGarcia/Weir/Hagar and Guests/80 Minutes

“The Mighty Like A Rose Collection”-Original Remaster + Cd of Demos/Outtakes/120 Minutes

"A Royal Performance"-McCartney/MacManus & Friends/70 Minutes

“Under The Influenza”-1994 Tour Tracks/75 Minutes

11-27-94-“I Never Talked To Jim Reeves”/77 Minutes

6-25-95-"Elvis Sings The Ballads" w/Bill Frisell/35 Minutes

1995-Brixton,England-With Dylan,Chrissie Hynde & Carole King/78 Minutes

5-15-96-Warfield Theatre,San Francisco-w/Steve Nieve/120 Minutes

5-18-96-Chicago,Illinois/120 Minutes{SBD}

5-?-96-"Five Acoustic Evenings"- Songs w/Steve Nieve Over 5 Nights/138 Minutes

8-16-96-Fox Theater-Detroit,Michigan/135 Minutes

2-14-98-"Valentines In Venice"-C/N Teatro Goldini,Venice,Italy/120 Minutes

10-18-98-“Elvis & Burt”-Sony Studios,New York City,New York/70 Minutes

10-29-98-Royal Festival Hall-London,England/70 Minutes{w/Burt Bacharach}

1999-Woodstock-Bethel,N.Y.{With Steve Nieve/68 Minutes

2-19-99-Her Majesty’s Theater,Sydney,Australia/140 Minutes{Excellent SBD}

“Elvis Costello:”Unplugged & Unshaven”-MTV+BBC Late Show+’02 Tour Rehearsals/79 Minutes

4-27-2000-“ Party”-Elvis Costello & Friends/95 Minutes

4-18-02-Bowery Ballroom,New York City, New York/130 Minutes

“Morning Becomes Eclectic”-Interview & Songs {Some Live} From “When I Was Cruel”/54 Minutes

5-3/4-02-BBC Radio Broadcast-Live Performances/75 Minutes

5-19-02-Venue Unknown-Seattle,Washington/120 Minutes

5-25-02-Reno Hilton,RenoNevada/135 Minutes

5-29-02-Copley Hall,San Diego,California/135 Minutes

6-5-02-Orpheum Theater,Minneapolis,Minnesota/135 Minutes

7-22-02-King’s Dog Arena-Liverpool,England/110 Minutes

?-?-03-Festival Pier,Philadelphia,Pennsylvania/117 Minutes

9-25-03-A&E:Live By Request/78 Minutes

10-29-03-Madrid Radio Broadcast,Madrid,Spain/60 Minutes

See “DVD” Section



8-4-97-Chastain Park, Atlanta,Georgia/79 Minutes

“Counting Crows:The Demos”-Nice Outtakes In The Studio/60 Minutes

"VH-1 Storytellers"/72 Minutes

12-2-99-Magness Arena-Denver University,Denver,Colorado/65 Minutes{SBD}

1-15-03-SECC Hall 4,Glasgow,Scotland/100 Minutes

2-4-03-Heineken Music Hall,Amsterdam,The Netherlands/102 Minutes

8-1-03-Marcus Ampitheater,Milwaukee,Wisconsin\73 Minutes

See “DVD” Section



1-15-67-“Ricky Tick”-Hounslow,London,England/68 Minutes{Nice SBD}

10-13-67-"CREAMSET"-The Grande Ballroom-Detroit,Michigan/141 Minutes

11-8-68-“San Francisco Chronicles”-Unknown Venue/77 Minutes

“The Lost Session”-Disraeli Gears Demos/57 Minutes

See "Eric Clapton" and "Jack Bruce"



1-31-70-Oakland Coliseum-Oakland,California/58 Minutes{Soundboard}

7-4-71-"The Last Exit"-Fillmore East-New York City,New York/70 Minutes

10-1-04-“Vote For Change”-Fleet Center,Philadelphia,Pennsylvania/130 Minutes

10-2-04-“Vote For Change”-Gund Arena,Cleveland,Ohio/130 Minutes{John Fogerty Only}



11-15-72-Cleveland,Ohio/50 Minutes

?-?-73-Glassboro  State College,New Jersey/67 Minutes

9-20-73-Prather Coliseum-Louisiana-"FINAL SHOW!"{He Died 15 Min. After This Show}

Summer '73-"Jim Croce Live-The Final Tour"/60 Minutes-A+



“Chronological: August 1927 To February 1928”/62 Minutes

“Chronological: September 1929 To August 1930”/68 Minutes

“Chronological: October 1930 To June 1931”/66 Minutes



“Demos From The 1st Two”-Nice Outtakes/Demos From 1st Two Albums/73 Minutes

9-13-69-Big Sur Concert,Monterrey,Ca./100 Minutes/3rd Show w/Neil

6-6-70-Fillmore East,New York City,New York/150 Minutes{Excellent SBD}

12-15-70-"David & The Dorks"-Crosby Jamming With Jerry Garcia & Others/65 Minutes

6-28-70-L.A. Forum,L.A.,Ca./100 Minutes

6-30-70-Lakehurst,New Jersey/110 Minutes

11-9-70-Crosby/Nash at the BBC in London/40 Mnutes

3-26-72-Crosby,Nash&Young-“Prison Benefit”/70 Minutes

10-4-73-Winterland,San Francisco,Ca./Most of Set 2/70 Minutes

3-8-74-Stills Solo-Auditorium Theater,Chicago,Illinois/78 Minutes

9-8-74-Roosevelt Raceway-Westbury,New York/190 Minutes{GREAT SBD}

1975/1976-Crosby & Nash Live-"w/David Lindley"-DAT/60 Minutes

6-26-76-Boston Garden-Boston,Massachusetts “Stills/Young Band”/120 Minutes

6-27-76-Civic Center-Springfield,Massachusetts “Stills/Young Band”/120 Minutes

7-7-76-Civic Center-Providence,Rhode Island “Stills/Young Band”/120 Minutes

11-13-86-Crosby Solo,Kona, Hawaii/70 Minutes

11-18-86-Crosby Solo,Kona,Hawaii/75 Minutes

11-12-88-Unicef Radiothon For Hunger/31 Minutes {Filler:Bill Graham Benefit Below}

4-8-89-Crosby Solo-Philadelphia,Pa/70 Minutes (EXCELLENT!!)

10-28-89-"The Bridge Benefit"-CSNY All Perform/130 Minutes

11-18-89-United Nations Building,NYC,N.Y./100 Minutes (AWESOME!!)

6-26-91-Paul Masson Winery,Saratoga, California/130 Minutes{Digital Soundboard !!}

11-3-91-Bill Graham Benefit/40 Minutes {Used As Filler For Unicef Show Above}

11-?-91-Fox-Warfield Theatre,San Francisco,California/80 Minutes

?-?-?-Crosby Solo,"The Perro Tapes"/Studio Sessions/100 Minutes

12- -93-Crosby Solo-Whiskey-A-Go-Go,Los Angeles,Ca./80 Minutes

2-9-00-Arco Arena,Sacramento,California/190 Minutes {SBD}

2-12-00-Staples Arena,Los Angeles,California/190 Minutes

2-19-00-MGM Hotel & Casino,Las Vegas,Nevada/190 Minutes {I was THERE!!}

3-14-00-Philips Arena,Atlanta,Georgia/180 Minutes{EXCELLENT SBD}

3-20-00-First Union Center,Philadelphia, Pennsylvania/190 Minutes {EXCELLENT !!}

3-24-00-Conseco Fieldhouse,Indianapolis,Indiana/190 Minutes

2-13-02-Air Canada Center,Toronto,Canada/175 Minutes

3-08-02-MCI Center,Washington,D.C./175 Minutes

See “DVD Section”



12-15-93-State Theater-Nashville,Tennessee/72 Minutes

1996->2002-“Alive & Well On Television”/74 Minutes

1987->1998-“Living Covers”/75 Minutes

1-?-99-“The Trinity Sessions”-Trinity Church,Canada/75 Minutes{Excellent SBD}

10-11-03-The Opera House,Newcastle,England/64 Minutes{Killer!!}

See “DVD Section”



“Acoustic Hits”-All The Studio Greatest Hits CD, But Acoustic Versions/78 Minutes



" Rarin' and Darin' "-Unreleased and Live Compilation-Studio Quality/70 Minutes-A+

“The Bobby Darin Collection:Volume 4”/72 Minutes



1983-“Rock Till You Drop”-L.A. Forum,Los Angeles,California/130 Minutes{SBD}

1988-"Stage Fright"-Hysteria Tour/145 Minutes



7-22-71-Maynard Studios w/Greg&Duane Allman,New York City,New York/72 Minutes



9-?-70-“The Layla Sessions:Volune One”-Eric/Duane & Band/265 Minutes

11-23-70-Fillmore East, NYC, NY/116 Minutes {No Duane, Only Clapton}

11-24-70-Fillmore East, NYC, NY/109 Minutes {No Duane, Only Clapton}

12-1-70-Curtis Hixon Hall,Tampa,Florida w/Duane+Johnny Cash Show w/Carl Perkins/Cash/130 Minutes

"Last Session"- Last Known Recordings In The Studio/72 Minutes

Date Unknown-"The Miami Sessions"/68 Minutes

"See Eric Clapton"



“King Bisquit & Various Live”-Cuts From Different Shows/68 Minutes



3-9-76-“Thank You Australia”-Sydney,Australia/115 Minutes

6-24-96-Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania/125 Minutes {Small Gaps Between Songs}

12-21-01-”Three Penny Opera Tour”-The Forum,Inglewood,California/120 Minutes



?-?-75-Memphis,Tennessee/52 Minutes {Perfect SBD}



3-7-67{&3-10-67}-The Complete Matrix Club Tapes/4 Cd’s

12-22-67-Los Angeles, CA "Go Insane"/73 Minutes

7-10-68-Sam Houston Coliseum,Houston,Texas/1 Cd

8-2-68-New York Singer Bowl,New York/1 CD

8-4-68-Philadelphia Arena,Philadelphia, Pennsylvania/60 Minutes

9-20-68-Stockholm,Sweden-"Apocalypse Now"/72 Minutes {Excellent}

2-25-69-“The Soft Parade Outtakes”/60 Minutes

3-1-69-Dinner Key Auditorium,Miami,Florida/69 Minutes

“Summer’s Almost Gone”-Nice Soundboard Live Cuts From Various Shows/75 Minutes

“Backstage & Dangerous”-Rehearsal Recordings/125 Minutes

“Live At the Aquarius:Vol 1 & 2”-Recordings Made For “Absolutely Live” LP/270 Minutes

1-17-70-Felt Forum,New York City,New York/1 Cd {Second Show}

1-18-70-Felt Forum,New York City,New York-Early & Late Shows/2 Cd’s

4-10-70-Boston Arena,Boston,Massachusetts/1 Cd

4-18-70-Honolulu Convention Center,Honolulu,Hawaii/2 Cd’s

5-8-70-Cobo Hall-Detroit,Michigan/110 Minutes

6-5-70-Seattle Center Coliseum,Seattle,Washington/2 Cd’s

6-6-70-"Hundred Minutes"-Vancouver, With Albert Lee/100 Minutes {Excellent}

6-6-70-“The Raw,Under The Stage Recording”-115 Minutes

8-29-70-Isle Of Wight Festival- "Palace Of Exile"/67 Minutes {Excellent}

6-28-92-Saint Jacob Stadium,Basel,Switzerland/120 Minutes{Nice SBD}

11-1-93-The Complete Rock & Roll Rehearsals w/Eddie Vedder/70 Minutes



6-18-86-Wembley Arena, England/72 Minutes

6-28-92-Saint Jacob Stadium,Basel,Switzerland/145 Minutes{Soundboard}

10-2-92-Niem,France/90 Minutes



“Ancient Streets”-Collection of Live Material From Three Dates in 1964/1965/130 Minutes

“1965 Revisited”-HUGE Collection Of Studio Work From The Era/400+ Minutes

1965/1966-“Church With No Upstairs”-Outtakes From 3 Albums/200+ Minutes{EXCELLENT}

5-17-66-Manchester,England/Soundboard-A+/115 Minutes

?-?-69-The Bob Dylan/Johnny Cash Sessions/72 Minutes

?-?-86-"Precious Memories"-w/TomPetty And The Heartbreakers/65 Minutes

May/June-1987-Grateful Dead & Bob Dylan Tour Rehearsals/70 Minutes

?-?-?-Grateful Dead/Bob Dylan Tour Rehearals/150 Minutes

July-1987-"The Unreleased Album"-Collection Of Dead/Dylan/69 Minutes

7-4-87-Sullivan Stadium,Foxboro,Massachusetts/Set w/Grateful Dead

7-10-87-JFK Stadium,Philadelphia,Pennsylvania/Set w/Grateful Dead

7-12-87-Meadowlands,East Rutherford,New Jersey/Set w/Grateful Dead

7-19-87-University of Oregon,Eugene,Oregon w/ Grateful Dead/Complete DSBD/AWESOME!!

7-24-87-Oakland County Stadium,Oakland,California w/Grateful Dead{SBD}

1988-Shoreline Ampitheatre,California/70 Minutes

12-1-90-“Live At Toad’s Place”/260 Minutes

2-18-93-Hanover,Germany/135 Minutes {CLASSIC Performance}

11-16-93-“The Supper Club”-Early &Late Shows/130 Minutes{4 Cd ‘s Including 11-17-93}

11-17-93-“The Supper Club”-Early &Late Shows/130 Minutes{4 Cd ‘s Including 11-16-93}

11-18-94-“Unplugged”-Sony Sound Studio, New York City,New York/140 Minutes{COMPLETE}

6-14-95-EMU Ballroom-Eugene,Oregon-Impromptu Show/70 Minutes{EXCELLENT}

9-8-99-Antioch,Tennessee {Includes Paul Simon/Dylan Solo Shows & Both Together}/200 Minutes

11-8-01-Air Canada Center-Toronto,Ontario,Canada{Mostly Acoustic}/150 Minutes



Early 90's-Venue Unknown/70 Minutes

?-?-?-“Unplugged”-Nice Acoustic Set/46 Minutes



"Story Of The Eagles"-4-Cd Collection  Encompassing Their Career/280 Minutes

6-16-73-"Wanted"-Berkeley Community Theatre,Berkeley,Ca./75 Minutes

?-?-74-"A Good Day In Hell"-Don Kirschner's Rock Concert w/ Ronstadt/Browne/68 Minutes

1974-The Bottom Line, NYC, NY/45 Minutes

1977-Houston,Texas/60 Minutes

?-?-80-“Seven Bridges Road”-Southern California/70 Minutes{UNREAL !!}

“Left From The Long Run”-Studio Outtakes/Demos/70 Minutes

3-4-80-L.A.Forum, Los Angeles, California/80 Minutes

“Romancin’&Dancin”-Collection Of Mostly Live Cuts From 1994-2000/150 Minutes

4-26-94-"MTV Rehearsals"-INCREDIBLE STEREO !!- A++/140 Minutes

8-24-94-Giants Stadium,E.Rutherford,NJ/{UNREAL-STEREO !!}/180 Minutes

2-25-95-Target Center,Minneapolis,Minnesota/130 Minutes{SBD}

12-29-99-Mandalay Bay Hotel-Las Vegas,Nevada/158 Minutes

8-11-01-"Mile High In Denver"-Denver,Colorado/145 Minutes

5-22-03-Charlotte Coliseum,Charlotte,North Carolina/183 Minutes

6-9-03-SBC Center,San Antonio,Texas{A Few Missing Songs}/155 Minutes

See “DVD Section”



?-?-73-BBC Concert/EXCELLENT Recording/74 Minutes

?-?-?-San Francisco,California/68 Minutes

2/23/78-"Eldorado"-Osaka,Japan/97 Minutes

?-?-82-"Twilight"-Koln,Germany/72 Minutes

Various Dates-"Into The Light"-Collection of Live Songs/Covers/143Minutes

Date Unknown-Live In Germany-EXCELLENT Recording/Selections{No Jeff Lynne}/120 Minutes

“ELO: The PBS Special”-90 Minutes



3-17-93-Los Angeles,California./90 Minutes

?-?-97-Bellinoza,Switzerland/110 Minutes{FM}

6-22-97-Spodek,Katowice,Poland/90 Minutes

8-1-98-Casino Ballroom,Hampton Beach,New Hampshire/78 Minutes

8-2-98-Flynn Theater,Burlington,Vermont/110 Minutes



6-18-2001-"Abbey Road: Live In Saratoga"-Saratoga,NY-"MANY" Guests/145 Minutes

See "The Who"



11-13-91-The Agora,Cleveland,Ohio/75 Minutes {Very Echo-y Recording}



"The B-Sides"- Collection Of Flip Side Tracks/74 Minutes

"The RE-FIXXES"-Collection Of Alternate Mixes of Classic Fixx Songs/74 Minutes

"Unreleased Live"- Collection Of Various Live Songs/75 Minutes

?-?-84-Venue Unknown-Florida/70 Minutes

?-?-91-Electric Ladyland Studios,New York City,New York/70 Minutes {Complete w/Commercials}



Buckingham/Nicks (Out Of Print Album)/37 Minutes {Pre-Fleet Mac Studio Album}

"The Rumours Outtakes"-Real Nice Collection Of Rumours Studio Sessions/72 Minutes

“Rumours Revisited”-Very Similar To Above,But Different/53 Minutes

?-?-75-Capital Theater,Passaic,N.J./50 Minutes{SBD}

1976-"Who's That New Girl?"-Rehearsal Show For 1976 "Rumours" Tour/70 Minutes

1977-"Rumours"-Oakland,California/70 Minutes

“Rumours:Expanded Version”-Nice Outtakes/Demos Of The Era/120 Minutes

8-25-77-Las Vegas,Nevada/SBD/90 Minutes

11-6-79-St. Louis/140 Minutes

“The Mirage Outtakes”-Nice Studio Work/138 Minutes

?-?-82-Oakland,California/70 Minutes

1992-Fresno, California/90 Minutes

12-?-92-Lindsey Buckingham Solo-Coach House, San Capistrano,Ca./70 Minutes

10-1-97-Irvine,California/140 Minutes

?-?-?-Stevie Nicks Solo/74 Minutes

?-?-98-San Francisco/120 Minutes {SBD}

“Stevie Nicks:Studio Works”-Nice Collection Of Studio Cuts/110 Minutes



?-?-97-New Orleans, Louisiana-"Born On The Bayou"/Soundboard-A++/72 Minutes

12-12-97-Warner Brothers Studio-Complete Show/110 Minutes



1982-Dallas,Texas/45 Minutes

7-25-99-“Playing Head Games in Dallas”-Dallas,Texas/78 Minutes



7-17-99-Pine Knob Music Center,Detroit,Michigan/85 Minutes {See VCD Section}



?-?-?-Fillmore West,San Francisco,California/60 Minutes



6-11-62-Boar's Head Coffee House,San Carlos,California/60 Minutes {Bluegrass}

2-23-63-As "The Wildwood Boys"{Nelson/Hunter As Well}-Palo Alto,California/28 Minutes

12-?-70-“Planet Earth Rock ‘n Roll Orchestra”{Garcia,Crosby,Jorma.Grace,Etc./79 Minutes

11-10-74-Palace Theatre,Albany,NY/90 Minutes

11-16-74-Tower Theater,Upper Darby,Pennsylvania/93 Minutes

10-11-75-The Keystone,Berkeley,California/110 Minutes

12-31-75-The Keystone,Berkeley,Calfornia/83 Minutes

2-21-76-La Paloma Theater,Encinitas,California/115 Minutes

5-28-77-Great American Music Hall,San Francisco,California w/Grisman/70 Minutes

3-17-78-Capitol Theater,Passaic,New Jersey{FM-SBD}

2-29-80-Calderone Theater,Hempstead,Long Island,New York/85 Minutes {Late Show}

2-15-81-Glassboro State College,Glassboro,New Jersey/80 Minutes

3-7-82-The Saddle Rack,San Jose,California/80 Minutes

5-5-82-Oregon State Prison ,Salem,Oregon/60 Minutes {Acoustic Duet w/John Kahn}

10-16-85-Catalyst Club,Santa Cruz,California/140 Minutes {Jerry w/John Kahn}

8-29-87-French's Camp,Eel River, California/140 Minutes

10-?-87-Lunt Fontaine Theatre,NYC,N.Y./47 Minutes

10-?-87-Lunt Fontaine Theatre,NYC,N.Y./80 Minutes

10-17-87-Lunt-Fontaine Theatre,NYC,N.Y./73 Minutes

10-21-87-Lunt-Fontaine Theatre,NYC,N.Y./72 Minutes

4-29-90-South Of Market Cultural Center,San Francisco,California/70 Minutes

8-25-91-Goldcoast Concert Bowl,Squaw Valley,California w/Grisman/110 Minutes

11-9-91-Hampton Coliseum,Virginia Beach,Virginia/Sets 1&2

12-31-93-Meadowlands,East Rutherford,N.J./Sets 1&2/140 Minutes

4-27-94-Warfield Theater,San Francisco,California/90 Minutes

?-?-95-Jerry Garcia w/David Grisman In Garcia's Home Studio/69 Minutes

See "Legion Of Mary" & "Old And In The Way"



4-23-61-Carnegie Hall,New York City,New York/60 Minutes{SBD}



“The Sexual Healing Sessions”-Nice Studio Music/Chat/130 Minutes

“Live At The London Palladium”/75 Minutes



11-10-98-The Cabooze-Minneapolis,Minnesota/130 Minutes {SBD}

7-20-99-Sisko's On The Boulevard,Taylor,Michigan/145 Minutes

8-19-00-“Woody’s Last Show”-Croton Point Park,Croton-On-The-Hudson.New York/90 Minutes

12-21-01-“Warren Haynes’ Christmas Jam”Asheville,N.C.-w/Lesh,Blues Traveler&Others/230 Minutes

2-16-02-Five Points Music Hall,Birmingham,Alabama/145 Minutes

4-17-02-Beacon Theater,New York City,New York/205 Minutes{Lots Of Guests}

4-21-02-Barrymore Theater,Madison,Wisconsin/150 Minutes

See "Warren Haynes"



(All Grateful Dead Shows Are Complete Unless Noted)

"Early Dead"-Some 1966 Cuts From 2 Shows/74 Minutes

"Grateful Dead/Merry Pranksters Acid Tests"-Great Collection of Music/Words/270 Minutes

2-25-66-Ivar Theater,Los Angeles.California {SBD}

?-?-66-"The Pigpen Apartment Session"-Plus 3 Of His Final Recordings

7-16-66 {& 7-17-66} Fillmore West/74 Minutes {Some Minor Flaws,But Great!}

9-16-66-Avalon Ballroom,San Francisco,California

12-1-66-The Matrix,San Francisco,California

3-18-67-Winterland Arena,San Francisco,California

8-4-67-O'Keefe Center-Toronto,Canada

10-22-67-Winterland Arena,San Francisco,California

11-?-67-Selections From Shows That Month

2-23&24-68-King’s Beach Lake Tahoe/Most Of Both Nights Songs{EXCELLENT SBD}

8-22-68-Fillmore West,San Francisco,California

10-13-68-Avalon Ballroom,San Francisco,California

2-11-69-Fillmore East,New York City,New York {Early&Late Shows}

2-15-69-Electric Factory,Philadelphia,Pennsylvania {2 Weeks Before “Live Dead”}

2-28-69-Fillmore West,San Franciso,California

3-1-69-Fillmore West,San Francisco,California

3-2-69-Fillmore West,San Francisco,California{Excellent SBD}

4-5-69-Avalon Ballroom,San Francisco,California

4-21-69-The Ark-Boston,Massachusetts

4-22-69-The Ark-Boston,Massachusetts

4-23-69-The Ark-Boston,Massachusetts

4-26-69-Electric Theater,Chicago,Illinois{Selections,Not Complete,But SBD}

4-27-69-Labour Temple,Minneapolis,Minnesota{Unbelievable and EXCELLENT SBD}

6-8-69-Fillmore West,San Francisco,California

9-7-69-Family Dog,San Francisco,California{w/Jefferson Airplane Members}

10-25-69-Winterland,San Francisco,California/70 Minutes

10-28-69-"Jerry At The Jefferson Airplane House"/56 Minutes{Excellent SBD}

11-8-69-Fillmore West,San Francisco,California{Excellent SBD}

12-11-69-Thelma Theater,Los Angeles,California

12-31-69-"Boston Tea Party"-Boston, Massachusetts

2-11-70-Fillmore East,New York City,New York-Early&Late Show w/Greg-Duane Allman&Peter Green

2-13/14-70-Fillmore East,New York City,New York{SBD}

3-1-70-Family Dog At The Great Highway,San Francisco,California{Audience}

5-2-70-Harpur College,Binghampton,N.Y{SBD}

5-15-70-Fillmore East,New York City,New York w/NRPS Sets/6 Cd’s

6-7-70-Fillmore West,San Francisco,California{Excellent SBD}

8-5-70-Golden Hall Community Concourse,San Diego Callifornia{Both Sets Acoustic!}

9-20-70-Fillmore East,New York City,New York

12-13-70-Fillmore East,NewYork City,New York{Early Show}

12-15-70-Garcia,Crosby,Lesh-The Matrix,San Francsico

1970-1971-Studio Outtakes w/Crosby&Nash{SBD}

1971-“The 1971 Studio Sessions”-Nice Studio Jamming

2-18-71-Capitol Theater,Port Chester,N.Y.

2-24-71-Capitol Theater,Port Chester,N.Y.

3-18-71-Fox Theater,St.,Louis,Missouri

4-6-71-Manhattan Center,New York City

4-7-71-Boston Music Hall,Boston,Massachusetts{SBD}

4-8-71-Boston Music Hall,Boston,Massachusetts{Killer SBD}

4-24-71-Wallace Wade Stadium,Duke University,Durham,North Carolina{SBD}

4-26-71-Fillmore East,New York City,New York w/Duane Allman Sitting In

4-27-71- Fillmore East,New York City,New York{w/Beach Boys Sitting In}

4-28-71-Fillmore East-New York City,New York{SBD-EXCELLENT !!}

4-29-71-Fillmore East,New York City,New York

7-2-71-“Closing Of The Fillmore West”-San Francisco, California

8-6-71-Hollywood Palladium,Hollywood,California

8-14-71-Berkeley Community Center,Berkeley,California{SBD}

8-26-71-Gaelic Park,Bronx,New York

9-29->10-1-71-“Rehearsals With Keith{Godchaux}”-Great Sounds

10-29-71-Allan Theater,Cleveland,Ohio{Nice SBD}

12-10-71-Fox Theater,St. Louis,Missouri

1-2-72-Winterland Arena,San Francisco,California {SBD}

5-3-72-Olympic Theatre,Paris,France/AWESOME!!!

5-10-72-Concertgebouw,Amsterdam,Netherlands{SBD-4 Cd's-213 Minutes-WOW}

5-11-72-Rotterdam Civic Hall,Rotterdam,Netherlands{Excellent}

7-22-72-Paramount Northwest Theater,Seattle,Washington

8-27-72-Old Renaissance Fairgrounds,Veneta, Oregon/3 Sets{Excellent Show!!!}

9-17-72-Baltimore Civic Center,Baltimore,Maryland{Excellent SBD}

9-27-72-Stanley Theater,Jersey City,New Jersey{Unreal SBD}

11-22-72-Austin Municipal Auditorium,Austin,Texas{Nice SBD}

?-?-73-“The Mars Hotel Outtakes”-Nice Studio Work{Filler:Scottie’s Music Store Jam}/74 Minutes

2-26-73-Pershing Municipal Auditorium.Lincoln,Nebraska{EXCELLENT SBD}

2-28-73-Salt Palace,Salt Lake City,Utah{EXCELLENT SBD}

6-10-73-RFK Stadium,Washington,D.C.

10-19-73-Fairgrounds Arena,Oklahoma City,Oklahoma {Great Sbd}

12-18-73-Curtis Hixon Convention Hall,Tampa,Florida

3-23-74-Cow Palace,Daly City,California{EXCELLENT SBD}

6-8-74-Roosevelt Stadium,Jersey City,New Jersey {Excellent SBD}

6-18-74-Freedom Hall-Louisville,Kentucky {Excellent SBD}

6-26&28-74-Boston Garden,Boston Massachusetts {Set 2 Of Each-SBD}

9-?-74-Alexandra Palace-London,England{Blend Of 3 Nights{SBD}

3-17-75-Ace’s Studio,Mill Valley,California {Rehearsals,David Crosby as Well}

6-17-75-Winterland Arena,San Francisco,California

8-13-75-Great American Music Hall {Awesome Soundboard}

9-27-75-Ambassador Theatre,St. Louis,Missouri/122 Minutes

6-10-76-Boston Music Hall,Boston,Massachusetts {SBD}

6-15-76-Beacon Theater,New York City,New York {SBD}

6-24-76-Tower Theatre,Upper Darby,Pennsylvania {Nice Soundboard}

"The Shakedown Street Sessions"-Studio Work,Some Lowell George Vocals/55 Minutes

7-17-76-Orpheum Theater,San Francisco,California{SBD}

7-18-76-Orpheum Theater,San Francisco,California{SBD}

9-25-76-Capital Centre,Landover,Maryland{SBD}

9-28-76-Onondaga County War Memorial,Syracuse,New York{SBD}

2-17-77-Arista Studios-Mars Hotel/Terrapin Station Outtakes

2-26-77-Swing Auditorium,San Bernadino,California-1st show of 1977{SBD}

4-27-77-Capital Theater,Passaic,New Jersey

4-29-77-The Paladium,New York City,New York

5-2-77-Sportatorium-Pembroke Pines,Florida{SBD}

5-7-77-Boston Music Hall,Boston,Massachusetts/SBD {Encore Missing}

5-8-77-Barton Hall,Cornell,Ithaca,N.Y./SBD-Excellent

5-9-77-Community War Memorial Auditorium,Buffalo,New York/{SBD}

5-13-77-Auditorium Theatre,Chicago,Illinois/{GREAT SBD}

5-21-77-Lakeland Civic Center,Lakeland,Florida

9-3-77-Englishtown Raceway,Englishtown,New Jersey{SBD-One Of The All-Time Classics}

10-11-77-Lloyd Noble Center,Norman,Oklahoma

10-16-77-Assembly Center,LSU,Baton Rouge,Louisiana

12-29-77-Winterland Arena,San Francisco,California {Outstanding Show!}

1-22-78-McArthur Court,U of Oregon,Eugene,Oregon

2-3-78-Dane County Coliseum,Madison,Wisconsin{Excellent SBD}

2-5-78-Uni-Dome,Cedar Falls,Iowa{2nd Set Only,But Great SBD}

4-10-78-Fox Theater,Atlanta,Georgia {Excellent SBD}

5-10-78-Vet’s Memorial Coliseum,New Haven,Connecticut

5-11-78-Springfield Civic Center Arena,Springfield,Massachusetts/{Excellent SBD}

7-7-78-Red Rocks Ampitheatre,Morrison,Colorado

7-8-78-Red Rocks Ampitheatre,Morrison,Colorado/3 Sets {Unbelievable!}

11-17-78-The Last “Bob Weir Band” Performance-Loyola University,Chicago,Illinois/45 Minutes

12-31-78-Winterland,San Francisco,California{FOUR HOURS!!}

12-26-79-Oakland Auditorium Theater,Oakland,California (Amazing !)

12-28-79-Oakland Auditorium Theater,Oakland,California

10-14-80-Warfield Theater,San Francisco,California/{All 4 Sets}/{Acoustic Set-Audience}

10-22-80-Radio City Music Hall,New York City,New York/{1st Set Acoustic}

12-31-80-Oakland Coliseum,Oakland,California/240+ Minutes {Acoustic/Electric}

5-6-81-Nassau Coliseum,Long Island,New York/{EXCELLENT SBD}

5-16-81-Barton Hall,Cornell University,Ithaca,New York

10-16-81-Melk Weg,Amsterdam,Netherlands{Nice SBD}

12-31-81-Oakland Coliseum,Oakland,California/3 Electric Sets/1 Acoustic/SBD

4-16-83-Meadowlands,East Rutherford,New Jersey{With Stephen Stills}

10-14-83-Hartford,Connecticut(Unreal !)

4-14-84-Hampton Coliseum,Hampton,Virginia{SBD-Missing Encore}

6-21-84-Kingswood Music Center,Maple,Canada

6-29-84-Blossom Music Center,Cuyahoga Falls,Ohio{My FIRST Dead Show}

6-30-84-Indianapolis Sports And Music Center,Indianapolis,Indiana

7-1-84-Pine Knob Music Theater,Clarkston,Michigan

7-13-84-Greek Theater,Berkeley,California

10-12-84-Augusta Civic Center,Augusta,Maine

11-1-85-Richmond Coliseum,Richmond,Virginia{EXCELLENT SBD}

4-7-87-The Meadowlands,East Rutherford,New Jersey/FM

May/June-1987-Grateful Dead & Bob Dylan Tour Rehearsals

3-26-87-Hartford Civic Center,Hartford,Connecticut

?-?-87-Grateful Dead/Bob Dylan Tour Rehearals

7- -1987-"The Live Unreleased Album"-Collection Of Dead/Dylan From July 1987

7-4-87-Sullivan Stadium,Foxboro,Massachusetts w/Bob Dylan

7-10-87-JFK Stadium,Philadelphia,Pennsylvania/Set w/Bob Dylan

7-12-87-Giants Stadium,N.J./Set w/Bob Dylan{Great Soundboard}

7-19-87-Autzen Stadium,University of Oregon,Eugene,Oregon/{SBD-Includes Bob Dylan Set}

7-24-87-Oakland County Stadium,Oakland,California w/Bob Dylan{SBD}

8-15-87-Town Park,Telluride,Colorado{Excellent SBD}

9-18-87-Madison Square Garden,New York City,New York{SBD}

3-27-88-Hampton Coliseum,Hampton,Virginia

4-1-88-The Meadowlands,East Rutherford,New Jersey{SBD}

6-2-88-Saratoga Performing Arts Center,Saratoga,New York

9-24-88-Madison Square Garden,NYC,New York/Whole Set-Rain Forest Benefit {GREAT SBD}

12-28-88-Alameda County Coliseum,Oakland,California

4-5-89-Chrisler Arena,Ann Arbor,Michigan

4-6-89-Chrisler Arena,Ann Arbor,Michigan

10-8-89-Hampton Coliseum,Virginia Beach,Virginia/As the "Warlocks"{Killer SBD}

10-9-89-Hampton Coliseum,Virginia Beach,Virginia/As the "Warlocks"{Killer SBD}

10-11-89-The Meadowlands,East Rutherford,New Jersey

10-14-89-The Meadowlands,East Rutherford,New Jersey{Nice SBD}

10-15-89-The Meadowlands,East Rutherford,New Jersey{Nice SBD}

10-16-89-The Meadowlands,East Rutherford,New Jersey{Nice SBD}

10-19-89-The Spectrum,Philadelphia,Pennsylvania{Nice SBD}

10-23-89-Charlotte Coliseum,Charlotte,North Carolina{Nice SBD}

10-25-89-Miami Arena,Miami,Florida{SBD}

12-30-89-Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum,Oakland,California

12-31-89-Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum,Oakland,California

3-15-90-Capital Center,Landover,Maryland{SBD}

3-21-90-Copps Coliseum,Hamilton,Ontario{SBD}

3-22-90-Copps Coliseum.Hamilton,Ontario{Great SBD}{See DVD For The Show As Well}

3-28-90-Nassau Coliseum,Long Island,New York {SBD}

3-29-90-Nassau Coliseum,Long Island,New York/2 Hours are w/Branford Marsalis {SBD}

3-30-90-Nassau Coliseum,Long Island,New York {I Was Front Row-SBD}

5-5-90-Cal State Dominguez Hills,Carson,California{SBD}

7-14-90-Foxboro Stadium,Foxboro,Massachusetts

7-16-90-Rich Stadium,Buffalo,New York

7-23-90-Tinley Park,Chicago,Illinois/Brent's Finale

9-16-90-MSG,New York City,New York

9-28-90-Front Street,San Francisco{Rehearsal-3 Songs w/Bruce Hornsby}

10-19-90-Internationales Congress Centrum,Berlin,Germany{SBD}

10-31-90-Wembley Arena,London,England{Killer SBD Show}

12-31-90-New Year's Eve,San Francisco,California

3-20-91-Capital Center,Landover,Maryland{Killer Sbd}

3-21-91-Capital Center,Landover,Maryland{Killer Sbd}

3-31-91-Greensboro Coliseum,Greensboro,North Carolina{Totally Killer Show&Killer SBD}

4-1-91-Greensboro Coliseum,Greensboro,North Carolina{Killer SBD}

4-5-91-The Omni,Atlanta,Georgia{Kickass Show&Killer SBD}

6-17-91-Giants Stadium,E Rutherford,N.J.

9-10-91-MSG,NYC,New York {w/Branford Marsalis For Entire Show}

9-25-91-Boston Garden,Boston,Massachusetts{SBD}

10-19-91-The Spectrum,Philadelphia,Pennsylvania

11-3-91-Golden Gate Park,San Francisco,California/Bill Graham Benefit

5-31-92-Silver Bowl,Las Vegas,Nv {w\Steve Miller}{Kicks Ass!}

12-16-92-Oakland Coliseum Arena,Oakland,California{EXCELLENT SBD}

3-24-93-Dean Smith Center,Chapel Hill,North Carolina

3-25-93-Dean Smith Center,Chapel Hill,North Carolina

5-16-93-Sam Boyd Silver Bowl,Las Vegas,Nevada

9-13-93-The Spectrum,Philadelphia,Pennsylvania

9-22-93-Madison Square Garden,New York City,New York{Killer Digital SBD}

12-8-93-Los Angeles Sports Arena,Los Angeles,California

3-30-94-The Omni,Atlanta,Georgia{Excellent SBD}

9-24-94-Berkeley Community Theater,Berkeley,California {Garcia/Weir Acoustic Benefit Show}

10-1-94-Boston Garden,Boston,Massachusetts{Superb SBD}

3-27-95-The Omni,Atlanta,Georgia

4-2-95-Memphis,Tennessee "Prophets"

5-26-95-Seattle Center,Seattle,Washington

6-25-95-RFK Stadium,Washington,D.C.

7-9-95-Soldier Field,Chicago,Illinois/Complete Final Show !!

"Earthquake Country"- A Collection Of Unreleased Dead Cuts From The 90's{Live}

8-3-02-Terrapin Station Festival,As The Other Ones-4 Original Members

8-4-02-Terrapin Station Festival,As The Other Ones-4 Original Members

2-14-03-Warfield Theater,San Francisco,California/185 Minutes{Good Guests}

6-17-03-Verizon Wireless Ampitheater,Virginia Beach,Virginia

6-23-03-Vernon,New York

6-28-03-Tweeter Waterfront,Camden,New Jersey

7-6-03-Red Rocks,Morrison,Colorado

7-11-03-Red Rocks,Morrison,Colorado

6-20-04-Red Rocks,Morrison,Colorado {SBD}

6-23-04-Coors Ampitheater,Chula Vista,California{SBD}

6-15->7/28-04-The Dead Tour Highlights Chosen By The Band {SBD}

See "Bob Weir"  "Jerry Garcia"  "Phil Lesh"  "Bruce Hornsby" "Ratdog" "Brent Mydland" & “DVD” Section



2-22-92-Tokyo Dome,Tokyo,Japan/135 Minutes



?-?-?- "Guess What"-Toronto,Canada Plus Studio Bonus Tracks {1983}/71 CD



7-28-99,Hudson River Blues Cruise,NYC,New York/145 Minutes{"C"-Quality}



?-?-79-“Hall & Oates Live”-Venue Unknown/65 Minutes

"MTV Unplugged"/75 Minutes

7-4-85-Liberty State Park,Jersey City,New Jersey/100 Minutes



10-10-91-Wetlands,New York City,New York/45 Minutes

12-19-91-Wetlands,New York City,New York/45 Minutes

4-22-93-Richmond,Virginia/140 Minutes

6-26-97-Atomic Studios,Clinton,New Jersey,Early&Late Shows/140 Minutes {Excellent SBD}

6-10-2001-Sweetwater,Mill Valley,California w/Weir & Lesh/180 Minutes{AWESOME}

12-21-01-“Warren Haynes’ Christmas Jam”Asheville,N.C.-w/Lesh,Blues Traveler&Others/230 Minutes

See "Gov't Mule" "Phil Lesh & Friends" "Allman Brothers"



4-30-80-Fort Worth,Texas/125 Minutes {SBD}

10-16-95-“The Joint”{Inside the Hard Rock Hotel}-Las Vegas/69 Minutes

8-4-98-House Of Blues-Los Angeles,California/70 Minutes



7-26-90-Electric Ladyland Studios,New York City,New York/45 Minutes{A+}{Cd is 1 Track}



"500,000 Halos"-Rare Cuts Both Live and Studio/70 Minutes

“Symphony Of Experience”-Awesome Set Of Studio Acetates From His Brief Career/70 MInutes

"J.J. Jams"-Jimi Jamming w/John McLaughlin,Late Sixties/73  Minutes

"The Electric Ladyland Outtakes"-1968/125 Minutes

"Multi-Color Blues"- A Collection Of Unreleased Music/135 Minutes {SBD}

"Mix Down Masters"-Excellent Studio Outtakes/210 Minutes {EXCELLENT}

"The Unplugged Jams"-Collection of Acoustic Versions Of Classics/140 Minutes

9-5-67-Stockhom,Sweden-Radio Show “Teenage Evening”/50 Minutes

10-?-67-"The Sotheby Reels"-Olympic Studios-Outtakes/140 Minutes

?-?-?-“The KPFA-94.7 Tapes”-Berkeley,California/135 Minutes{Excellent}

“The Experienced/Axis Sessions”-Nice Electric Ladyland Studio Work/140 Minutes

?-?-68-"Woke Up This Morning and Found Myself Dead" w/ J. Morrison, J. Winter-NYC/50 Minutes

1968-1970-“First Rays:The Sessions”-Studio Work From 1968-1970/70 Minutes

“1968-A.D.”-Collection of Alternate Versions & Live Music/70 Minutes

“The Electric Ladyland Sessions”-Great Sounding Studio Work From The Album/80 Minutes

“Freak Out Jam”-Nice Collection Of Studio Jams/75 Minutes

1-8-68-Stora Salen,Stockholm,Sweden/49 Minutes

1-12-68-Paris,France{Not 100% Sure Of Date}/68 Minutes

1-16-68-Nuremburg,Germany/65 Minutes

1-17-68-Frankfurt,Germany/65 Minutes

2-16-68-State Fair Music Hall,Dallas,Texas/40 Minutes{Plus Filler: MSG-Failed Concert}

2-24-68-Royal Albert Hall,London,England/130 Minutes

2-28-68-Scene Club,Milwaukee,Wisconsin-2 Shows/87 Minutes{Great Audience Recording}

3-17-68-Café Au Go Go,New York City,New York{Great Guest Musicians}/72 Minutes

3-19-68-Capitol Theater,Ottawa,Canada/60 Minutes{Nice Filler}

4-2-68-Montreal,Canada/46 Minutes{Filler: Beatles in Montreal -1964}

4-15-68-“Kings Jam”-Generation Club,NYC-With B.B.King,Paul Butterfield/65 Minutes

5-10-68-Fillmore East,New York City,New York/ 62 Minutes {Great Audience Recording}

5-21-68-"Cabin Jam"-Jimi Jamming w/Stephen Stills/47 Minutes{Awesome!}

5-31-68-Zurich,Switzerland {Very Poor Quality}/60 Minutes

8-2-68-Unknown Venue,Seattle,Washington/51 Minutes {Great Sound}

8-3-68-Moody Coliseum,Southern Methodist University,Dallas,Texas/68 Minutes

8-11-68-Col Ballroom,Davenport,Iowa/65 Minutes{Great Audience Recording}

8-23-68-Singer Bowl,Flushing Meadows Park,Queens,New York/57 Minutes{EXCELLENT}

9-14-68-Hollywood Bowl,Los Angeles,California/65 Minutes{Raw Audience Sound}

10-11/12/13-68-“Three Nights Of Winter”-Winterland,San Francisco,California/285 Minutes

10-12-68-Winterland,SanFrancisco,California{Early&Late Shows}/138 Minutes

11-2-68-Auditorium,Minneapolis,Minnesota{Interviews+Song Clips}/34 Minutes

12-1-68-Coliseum,Chicago,Illinos/60+ Minutes

1968-1969-“Studio Haze”-Studio Outtakes/73 Minutes

“Jimi Hendrix-Soundboard Series Volume 2”-Excellent Live Tidbits/76 Minutes

“Eyes & Imagination”-Post-Electric Ladyland Outtakes/Jam Sessions/70 Minutes

“Black Gold”-Collection Of Studio Work Throughout Career/320+ Minutes

“Calling Long Distance”-Various Live Cuts Throughout His Career/75 Minutes

?-?-68/69-Jimi Hendrix/Traffic Studio Jams/60 Minutes

1-9-69-Kousterhaus,Stockholm,Sweden{Early &Late Shows}/120 Minutes {Excellent SBD}

1-13-69-Sporthalle,Cologne,Germany/65 Minutes

2-24-1969-“Stone Free”-Royal Albert Hall,London,England/130 Minutes

4-18-69-Mid-South Coliseum,Memphis,Tennesse/70 Minutes

4-26-69-The Forum,Inglewood,California/69 Minutes

5-3-69-Maple Leaf Gardens,Toronto,Canada/70 Minutes {A Ticket Was $2.50-$4.50}

5-17-69-Venue Unknown,Providence,Rhode Island/65 Minutes

5-24-69-San Diego,California/70 Minutes

5-25-69-Santa Clara County Fairground,San Jose,California/70 Minutes

6-20-69-Newport Pop Festival/70 Minutes{2nd To Last w/The Experience}

6-29-69-Denver Pop Festival/70 Minutes

8-22-69-Newport Pop Festival/76 Minutes{w/Buddy Miles Express}

?-?-69-Indianapolis,Indiana/70 Minutes

9-19->24-69-“Drinking Wine,Sipping Time”-Open Jam Sessions/69 Minutes

12-31-69-Early Show/75 Minutes/Excellent SBD

12-31-69/1-1-70-Fillmore East,San Francisco,California/135 Minutes{Incredible!!}

12-31-69/1-1-70-“Box Of Gypsys”-1st & 2nd Shows From Both Nights/6 Cd’s

“Band Of Gypsy Rehearsals”/140 Minutes{Killer}

1969-70-“First Rays Of The New Rising Sun”-Band Of Gypsys Rehearsals w/Mitch Mitchell/140 Minutes

1-23-70-“The Record Plant Sessions-Vol 1”-New York City,New York/70 Minutes{SBD}

1969/1970-“The Record Plant Sessions-Vol 2”-New York City,New York/72 Minutes

4-25-70-Los Angeles Forum,Inglewood,California/87 Minutes {2 Sources Blended Into One}

5-15-70-“The Electric Lady Studio Recordings”/125 Minutes

5-30-70-Berkley Warm-Ups, Berkley,CA/72 Minutes

5-30-70-Complete Berkley Show, Berkley,CA/145 Minutes

6-7-70-Assembly Center Arena,Tulsa,Oklahoma/70 Minutes {Audience,Low Quality}

7-4-70-"Top In Pops '70"-Byron,Georgia-Atlanta International Pop Festival/155 Minutes {SBD}

7-17-70-"Top In Pops '70"-Downing Stadium,NYC-New York Pop Festival/60 Minutes {SBD}

7-30-70-Haleakala Crater,Maui,Hawaii {Early&Late Show}/120 Minutes

9-4-70- The Deutschlandhalle-Berlin,Germany/70 Minutes

9-6-70-Insel Fehmar,Germany-"His Last Concert"/68 Minutes

“The KPFA Music & Interview Radio Show”-Excellent Biography/315 Minutes

See “DVD Section”



7-23-83-"Gathering Of The Minds"{w/David Sancious(From Springsteen),Jack Bruce,Billy Cobham}/70 Minutes



10-31-51-"The Storyville Club"-Boston,Massachusetts/51 Minutes {No Setlist}



"In The Studio & Live"-Rare and Un-Released cuts/70 Minutes

“The Buddy Holly Collector’s Box Set”-Outtakes/Studio/Radio Ads after crash,Etc./275 Minutes



9-30-94-Wetlands-New York City,New York/140 Minutes{Incredible SBD A+}

2-13-95-Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania/70 Minutes



4-24-96-Miller Auditorium,Kalamazoo,Michigan w/Bela Fleck/135 Minutes

7-14-96-Star Lake Ampitheater,Burgettstown,Pennsylvania/68 Minutes

8-29-96-Alpine Valley,Wisconsin/80 Minutes {Bob Weir on "Jackstraw"}{Cd is 1 Track}

11-6-98-Yoshi's-Oakland,California/110 Minutes{Excellent}

6-30-02-Villa Montalvo-Saratoga,California/135 Minutes{SBD}



1964-Jorma Solo-Berkeley/45 Minutes

"Typewriter Tapes"-Jorma and Janis Joplin/At A House Party/45 Min

10-21-68-w/Jerry Garcia at Jefferson Airplane House,San Francisco/90 Minutes

7-3-71-“Closing Of The Fillmore West”-San Francisco,California/114 Minutes

4-3-72-Carnegie Hall,New York City/110 Minutes

11-26-72-Venue Unknown/150 Minutes

7-25-73-"Splashdown"-WQIV Radio Station{Quad Broadcast Originally}/60 Minutes

5-2-75-Harpur College-Binghampton,N.Y./135 Minutes

7-24-75-WQIV{Quadraphonic Station Back Then}Broadcast,New York City, New York/100 Minutes

5-2-76-Tower Theater,Upper Darby, Pennsylvania/70 Minutes{Nice SBD}

11-14-79-Detroit's,Portchester,New York/72 Minutes{Acoustic}

1-18-86-Victoria Theatre,Chicago,Ill./90 Minutes w/David Bromberg

3-24-86-Lone Star Café,New York City,New York/150 Minutes{SBD}

5-11-86-Lone Star Café,New York City.New York/150 Minutes{SBD}

8-18-88-Pier 84,New York City,New York w/Paul Kantner/Bromberg/Creach/115 Minutes

3-30-88-Jorma Kaukonen/Bob Weir,New York City,New York/70 Minutes

8-24-90-Bay Street,Sag Harbor,New York/130 Minutes

1-25-92-SEVA Benefit,Berkeley,California w/Bob Weir/65 Minutes

9-6-98-Globe Theater,Norwalk,Connecticut-Jorma Solo/155 Minutes

11-26-99-Somerville Theater,Somerville,Massachusetts/140 Minutes

12-8-99-Alladin Theater,Portland,Oregon w/Derek Trucks Band/140 Minutes

11-30-00-Paradise Rock Club-Boston,Mass."The Original Hot Tuna" Tour/130 Minutes

12-11-01-Martyr’s,Chicago,Illinois/135 Minutes

1-28-02-Jorma Solo-The Turning Point,Piermont,New York/115 Minutes

7-12-02-Jorma w/The Blue Country Heart Band-PNC Center,Holmdel,New Jersey/70 Minutes

8-21-02-Museum Of TV & Radio,New York City,New York/75 Minutes{EXCELLENT SBD}

11-22-03-The Strand,Lakewood,New Jersey/115 Minutes

See "Jefferson Airplane"



Unknown Date/Venue-"Rebel Yell" Tour/74 Minutes

“Storytellers”-Whole Show/70 Minutes



?-?-?-“INXS Live”-Venue Unknown/73 Minutes



?-?-80-New York City,New York/65 Minutes



10-1-92-National Stadium,Bucharest,Hungary/115 Minutes



4-26-85-Nashville,Tennessee/110 Minutes

“Wildfires & Misfires”-Demos And Live Tracks/70 Minutes



2-4-67-Fillmore West,San Franciso,California/65 Minutes

3-10/11/12-67-“Akuka’s Choice:Volume 5”-Winterland,San Francisco,Calif./185 Minutes {SBD}

3-11-67-Winterland Arena,San Francisco,California/65 Minutes

5-19-67-Cal Poly State,Men's Gym/75 Minutes

5-7-70-Fillmore East,New York City,New York/70 Minutes

8-29-89-Radio City Music Hall,NYC/80 Minutes

See “Hot Tuna”



11-25-87-Tower Theater,Philadelphia,Pennsylvania/108 Minutes {Great !!!}

8-20-91-Electric Ladyland Studios,New York City,New York/45 Minutes {Cd is 1 Track}

10-9-99-"The Joint"-Hard Rock Hotel,Las Vegas,Nevada/130 Minutes



?-?-?-Sigma Studios,Very Early In His Career,Good Song Intros/Great Sound/57 Minutes

6-10-76-The Bottom Line,Greenwich Village,New York/74 Minutes

8-?-77-C.W.Post College,New York,{A Few Days Before THE STRANGER Was Released}/125 Minutes

10-31-77-“Thunder Road”-Miami,Florida/120 Minutes

"Stranger On 52nd Street"-Collection of Outtakes from the Era/ 70 Minutes

1980-1981 Tour Highlight/130 Minutes {SBD}

?-?-82-Long Island,New York{GREAT SOUND}

?-?-1987-Leningrad,Russia-Via Satellite/135 Minutes

5-26-90-London,England/130 Minutes{Soundboard}

?-?-93-"Shades Of Grey"-Boston,Massachusetts/120 Minutes {SBD}

6-18-94-“Journey To The River Of Dreams”-Frankfurt,Germany/95 Minutes

?-?-97-"Storytellers"-Intimate Setting w/ Details About The Songs/110 Minutes

3-30/31-98-Tokyo Bowl,Japan{With Elton John}/A++/140 Minutes/INCREDIBLE !!

12-31-99-"Night of 2000 Years"/DAT-Audience/195 Minutes{Complete Show}

1-22-01-Vancouver, British Columbia {w/Elton John}/210 Minutes

2-2-2-Hartford Civic Center-Hartford,Connecticut{With Elton John}/175 Minutes{STEREO SBD}

3-14-03-Carolina Center,Columbia,South Carolina{With Elton John}/190 Minutes{DAT}

See “DVD Section”



“The Dick James Demos”-Reg Dwight Era Recordings From A Personal Friend Of His/100 Minutes

10-1-71-“Madman Strikes Tokyo”-Tokyo,Japan/120 Minutes{Great SBD}

2-5-72-“Philharmonic Freedom”-Royal Festival Hall w/Royal Philharmonic Orchestra/50 Minutes

12-22-73-Hammersmith Odeon,England/106 Minutes/{Stereo SBD}

12-24-73-Hammersmith Odeon,England/40 Minutes

“Tumbleweed Collection”-Outtakes & Demos From Tumbleweed Connection/75 Minutes

“The Philadelphia To Love Adventure”-Classic Demos/75 Minutes

5-13-77-"Rainbow Rock"-Tokyo,Japan (Elton Solo)/135 Minutes{SBD-EXCELLENT}

5-28-79-“Russian Bullet”-Moscow,Russia{w/Ray Cooper}/130 Minutes{SBD-Excellent}

“Elton John:The Rarities Collection”-Rare Songs/70 Minutes

?-?-?-Breaking Hearts Tour/53 Minutes

7-7-82-Starlight Theater,Kansas City,Missouri/130 Minutes{KICKASS SBD}

11-4-84-The Centrum,Worcester,Massachusetts/110 Minutes{SBD}

3-30/31-98-Tokyo Dome,Japan{With Billy Joel}/140 Minutes {EXCELLENT!!}

12-30-99-Thomas&Mack Center,UNLV,Las Vegas,Nevada w/Tina Turner/185 Minutes

1-22-01-Vancouver,British Columbia,Canada{w/Billy Joel}/210 Minutes

2-2-2-Hartford Civic Center-Hartford,Connecticut{w/Billy Joel}/175 Minutes{STEREO SBD}

10-31-02-Dubai Creek Gold Club,Dubai United Arab/117 Minutes{INCREDIBLE SOLO SBD}

12-1-02-Royal Opera House,London,England/57 Minutes{Nice SBD}

3-14-03-Carolina Center,Columbia,South Carolina{With Billy Joel}/190 Minutes{DAT}

6-17-03-Hampton Court,England/120 Minutes{DAT Recording}

See Also "Concert For Walden Woods"



3-23-90-Austin,Texas/69 Minutes

“The PBS Special”/60 Minutes



8-10-62-Coffee Gallery, San Francisco,California/65 Minutes

6-25-64-“The Typewriter Tapes”-Jorma’s House,San Francisco,California{w/Jorma}/23 Minutes

7-28-66-California Hall,San Francisco/72 Minutes

?-?-?-Texas Pop Festival/60 Minutes

?-?-?-Amsterdam,Holland/60 Minutes{EXCELLENT Soundboard}

8-30-69-Motor Speedway,Dallas,Texas w/Chicago/74 Minutes

8-8-70-Capitol Theater,Port Chester,New York/60 Minutes

12-20-70-Amsterdam,Holland/44 Minutes

4-?-68-Winterland-Stereo Soundboard/76 Minutes{Awesome SBD}

“Blow All My Blues Away”-Six Cd Collection Of Classics Live/Studio/400 Minutes

See "Hot Tuna" & “DVD Section”



6-10-78-“Beginning The Lights”-Capital Theater,Passaic,New Jersey/75 Minutes

?-?-79-Capital Theater,Passaic,New Jersey/100 Minutes{Nice FM Braodcast}



6-18-71-Carnegie Hall,NYC,New York/90 Minutes{James Taylor Sits In On Some Songs}



10-6-73-University Of Texas-Arlington,Texas/100 Minutes

6-4-03-Oslo,Norway/80 Minutes



9-29-76-Bottom Line,New York City,New York/53 Minutes{Guest-Dickey Betts}

See “VCD Section”



?-?-67-“Live At Kelvin Hall”/70 Minutes

See “DVD Section”



9-6-75-Toronto,Canada/75 Minutes

4-22-88-Budokan-Tokyo,Japan/74 Minutes

“Kiss Unplugged”-All Acoustic Versions Of The Classics/75 Minutes

6-11-04-Smirnoff Music Centre,Dallas,Texas/120 Minutes {Perfect SBD}



6-16-2001-"Stadtpark"-Hamburg Germany/110 Minutes

See "Dire Straits"



?-?-69-Scholar Coffeehouse,Minneapolis,Minnesota/35 Minutes{SBD}

9-27-96-State Theater-St. Petersburg,Florida/125 Minutes{SBD}



5-24-90-Town and Country Club,London,England/61 Minutes

7-10-95-Cologne,Germany/75 Minutes

?-?-90’z-“Live In Zurich”/65 Minutes

?-?-?-“Jazzfest”-Nice Live Material/65 Minutes{Soundboard Recording}

10-29-98-House Of Blues,Orlando,Florida/67 Minutes

"Storytellers"-The Complete,Unedited Performance/70 Minutes

“Acoustic-Electric”-Nice Live Cuts/75 Minutes

5-?-02-Venue Unknown/74 Minutes



9/10-68-“Olympic Gold”-Olympic Studios,London,England/68 Minutes{EXCELLENT SBD}

?-?-68-“Led Zeppelin:Ultra Rare Vol One”-Studio Work {Some Tape Hiss}/60 Minutes

?-?-?-“Led Zeppelin:Ultra Rare Vol Two”-Mostly Physical Graffiti/Some 3rd Album/65 Minutes

12-10-68-Gonzaga University-Spokane ,Washington/68 Minutes

8-31-89-“Led Zeppelin Plays The Blues”-Texas Pop Festival/58 Minutes

11-2-69-“Beast Of Toronto”-O’Keefe Center,Toronto,Canada/65 Minutes

?-?-?-Early Show At The Fillmore,Heavy Bass/Drum Mix/70 Minutes

1-26-69-"Boston Tea Party"{aka "Killing Floor"}/120 Minutes

4-27-69-“The Jimmy Page Experience”-Fillmore West,San Francisco,Ca./131 Minutes

6-27-69-“Rock Hour”-London,England/70 Minutes

9-4-70-“On Blueberry Hill”-Los Angeles Forum/135 Minutes

1970-71-“The Stairway Session”-Outtakes From Led Zeppelin IV/69 Minutes

3-25-71-Paris Theater,London,England/70 Minutes

8-31-71-“Florida Sunshine”-Orlando Sports Stadium,Orlando,Florida/120 Minutes

9-9-71-Hampton Roads Coliseum,Hampton,Virginia/100 Minutes

12-2-71-“Rock&Roll Magic”-Strakers Royal Ballroom,Bournemouth,England/120 Minutes

4-1-71-Paris,France/120 Minutes

10-2-72-Tokyo,Japan/130 Minutes {EXCELLENT}

12-2-72-“Rock&Roll Magic”-Strakers Royal Ballroom,Bournemouth,England/143 Minutes

3-24-73-Venue Unknown,Offenburg,Germany/118 Minutes

5-19-73-“Tympani For The Butterqueen”Tarrant County Convention Center,Dallas,Texas/90 Minutes

5-31-73-“Bonzo’s Birthday Party”-The Forum,Inglewood,California/115 Minutes

2-12-75-“Can’t Take Your Evil Ways”-Madison Square Garden,NY{Complete Show}/165 Minutes

3-5-75-“Chasing The Dragon”-Memorial Auditorium,Dallas,Texas/150 Minutes{STEREO SBD}

3-11-75-Long Beach Arena,Long Beach,California/160 Minutes

3-21-75-Seattle,Washington/220 Minutes{So-So Quality}

5-18-75-Earl’s Court Arena-London,England/140 Minutes

4-4-75-“Trampled Under Foot”-Memorial Auditorium,Dallas,Texas/130 Minutes{SBD}

1976-1977-Physical Graffiti Outtakes/200 Minutes

4-27-77-Richfield Coliseum,Cleveland,Ohio/170 Minutes

6-21-77-The Forum,Inglewood,California/185 Minutes {2 Versions}

6-27-77-The Forum,Inglewood,California/195 Minutes{Great Show!}

"That's The Way Through The Out Door"-Various Studio Outtakes/72 Minutes

“Hiawatha Express”-Collection Of Live Recordings Up To Physical Grafitti/75 Minutes

“Led Zeppelin:Uncensored”-Rare Collection Of Zep Tunes Throughout Career/375 Minutes

8-11-79-"Knebworth Festival,Stevenage,UK/200+ Minutes

6-29-80-Hallenstadion,Zurich,Switzerland/95 Minutes{Great Sound}

6-30-80-Festhalle,Frankfurt,Germany/120 Minutes

7-7-80-Eissporthalle,Berlin,Germany,THE FINAL LED ZEPPELIN SHOW!!/140 Minutes

9-20/21/22-83-“King Bisquit Flower Hour-Robert Plant”/90 Minutes{NOT Official Release}

8-22-98-Cologne,Germany-“Page & Plant”/130 Minutes{SBD}

9-23-98-Las Vegas,Nevada-"Page & Plant"/140 Minutes

See “DVD” Section



8-25-74-Great American Music Hall,San Francisco,California

8-30-74-Freeborn Hall,U of California-David,Davis,California

10-31-74-Memorial Gym,U Of San Francisco,San Francisco,California{SBD}

11-5-74-The Bottom Line,Greenwich Village,New York City

4-4-75-Brooklyn College,New York,NewYork/135 Minutes

4-9-75-The Bottom Line,Greenwich Village,New York City{Early Show}

4-9-75-The Bottom Line,Greenwich Village,New York City{Late Show}

4-12-75-Masonic Temple-Scranton,Pennsylvania{Late Show.Like ľ Of Show}

1973-1974-"Dick's Gift" Some Lost SBD Recordings That Are Awesome!/135 Minutes

See "Jerry Garcia Band" “Grateful Dead”



1960's-"Great Balls Of Fire"/50 Minutes



10-21-00-Riviera Theater,Chicago,Illinois/215 Minutes{SBD}

12-31-00-Kaiser Convention Center,Oakland,California/FIVE  HOURS{SBD}

6-10-01-Sweetwater,Mill Valley,California w/Weir & Haynes/180 Minutes {AWESOME}

12-21-01-“Warren Haynes’ Christmas Jam”Asheville,N.C.-w/Gov’t Mule,Blues Traveler&Others/230 Minutes

12-30-01-San Francisco-Loads Of Guests/185 Minutes

12-31-01-San Francisco-Loads Of Guests/185 Minutes

5-21-02- “Cd Release Party”-Irving Plaza,New York City,New York /180+ Minutes{GREAT SOUND}

6-23-02-Bonnaroo Music Festival-Manchester,Tennessee{Bob Weir On Vocals}/131 Minutes

7-23-02-Ntelos Harbor Center-Portsmouth,Virginia w/Bobby & Bill/160 Minutes

8-3-02-Terrapin Station Festival,As The Other Ones-4 Original Members

8-4-02-Terrapin Station Festival,As The Other Ones-4 Original Members

See “DVD Section”



8-28-82-Germany/85 Minutes



4-?-73-"Teenage Nervous Breakdown"-Ultrasonic Studios Live/60 Minutes

7-19-73-Ebbets Field-Denver,Colorado{Early Show}/65 Minutes

9-14-74-Ultra Sonic Studios Radio Broadcast/60 Minutes/{1965 Dead Filler}

5-10-76-Warner Theater,Washington,D.C./85 Minutes

8-24-94-"Ontario Place"/Audience-So-So Quality/72 Minutes

12-31-99-Gaithersburg,Maryland/130 Minutes

6-10-01-Norwegian Film Festival-Oslo,Norway/70 Minutes

6-22-01-Rams Head Tavern,Annapolis,Maryland-Early/Late Shows/150 Minutes

9-19-01-House Of Blues,Orlando,Florida/135 Minutes{w/Derek Trucks&Susan Tedeschi}



“The Specialty Sessions”-Collection Of Studio Work/Demos From 1955->1964/300 Minutes



?-?-80-Bremen,Germany/70 Minutes {2-Cd Set With '88 Melbourne Show}

?-?-88-Melbourne,Australia w/Glenn Frey/85 Minutes



?-?-87-Venue Unknown/85 Minutes



"Do You Believe In Outtakes?"-Collection Of Studio Work/75 Minutes



10-10-73-Memphis,Tennessee{Nice Jams}/70 Minutes

12-9-74-“Road Fatigue”-Olympia,Paris/76 Minutes

11-4-75-"Cardiff Peaches"-Cardiff,Wales/45 Minutes

3-19-75-Chattanooga Arena,Chattanooga,Tennessee/46 Minutes

1-18-77-Festival Hall,Osaka,Japan/67 Minutes

7-13-77-Asbury Park, New Jersey/110 Minutes

?-?—77-“The Final Concert”-/71 Minutes

2-19-93-Fox Theatre,Atlanta,Ga/90 Minutes

See “DVD Section”



5-25-85-Palace Of Auburn Hills-Detroit,Michigan/120 Minutes{SBD}

4-25-90-“Blond Over Japan”-Yokohama,Japan/115 Minutes{SBD}

12-7-93-“Physical Osmosis”-Yokohama,Japan/110 Minutes{SBD}

8-26-01-Palace Of Auburn Hills-Detroit,Michigan/120 Minutes{SBD}



7-4-02-“CopacoBoston”-Barry With The Boston Pops,Boston Massachusetts/22 Minutes



5-24-73-Paris Theater,London,England/65 Minutes

10-31-73-The Record Plant,San Francisco,Ca/70 Minutes {A MUST HAVE!!}

7-3-75-The Boarding House,San Francisco,California/70 Minutes

6-10-75-"Quiet Knight Club",Chicago,Illinois/70 Minutes

7-7-75-Unknown Venue/68 Minutes

5-26-76-The Roxy,Los Angeles,California/65 Minutes

7-10-76-The Roxy,Los Angeles,California{Filler-Studio In California-1971}/130 Minutes

4-22-78-Peace Concert,Kingston,Jamaica/60 Minutes

7-7-78-Rotterdam,Netherlands{1st Half Of Show}/38 Minutes

1-5-80-Libreville,Gabon{Africa}/65 Minutes

6-12-80-Dortmund,Germany/120 Minutes

6-27-80-Gruga Halle,Essen,Germany/115 Minutes

6-28-80-Dortmund,Germany/72 Minutes

9-22{23?}-80-"FINAL SHOW"-Stanley Theater,Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania/70 Minutes



?-?-1980-Nassau Coliseum, NY, NY-"Last Show With Original Lineup"/77 Minutes



6-9-01-Alleykatz,Richmond,Virginia/77 Minutes



11-28-77-The Bottom Line,New York City,New York/60 Minutes

?-?-?-Unknown Venue-First Tour/74 Minutes

3-1-87-London,England-"Live At Wembley"/70 Minutes-A+

"Remixes Out Of Hell"-Alternative Mixes Of The Classic Album/70 Minutes

“Meatloaf: Storytellers”/75 Minutes



7-4-92-Market Square Arena,Indianapolis,Indiana/150 Minutes{Nice SBD}

?-?-?-“The Rehearsal Sessions”-Early 90’s Studio Work/62 Minutes



?-?-?-“George Michael Live”-Venue Unknown/65 Minutes

?-?-?-“George Michael: Live In The U.S.A”/60 Minutes

?-?-91-“Praying For Faith”-Unknown U.S. Venue/63 Minutes



Mid 90's-Wide River Tour,Salem,Oregon/75 Minutes

6-9-00-Venue Unknown,New York/115 Minutes



10-29-70-Royal Festival Hall,London,England/74 Minutes/ w/James Taylor {Cd is 1 Track}

5-22-98-Los Angeles,California/70 Minutes



?-?-94-“Live At Red Rocks”-Morrison,Colorado/75 Minutes



9-5-71-Pacific High Studios,San Francisco,California/90 Minutes

4-14-95-Cambridge Corn Exchange,Cambridge,UK/145 Minutes/EXCELLENT !!



4-18-88-Pasadena City College,Pasadena,California/25 Minutes {CLASSIC SOLO !}

7-23-90-Tinley Park,Chicago,Illinois w/Grateful Dead/160 Minutes {BRENT’S FINAL SHOW}

See “The Grateful Dead”



11-25-91-Paradiso Club-Amsterdam,Holland-Classic FM Broadcast/78 Minutes

2-19-92-“The Last Japanese Show”-Venue Unknown/70 Minutes

11-27-93-Bayfront Ampitheater-St.Petersburg,Florida/75 Minutes

1994-“The Last American Show”-76 Minutes

"The Covers Collection"-Series of Live Cover Songs During Their Career/70 Minutes

“The Complete Radio Sessions”-Various Live Performances On Radio/72 Minutes

“Nirvana Unreleased”-Collection Of Rare Songs Throughout Their Short Career/75 Minutes

See “DVD” Section



11-02-02- "Voodoo Music Festival"-New Orleans,Louisiana/67 Minutes



11-4-73-California State College,Sonoma,California/70 Minutes



“Only The Lonely”-Unknown Venue/59 Minutes{German Boootleg}

9-13-88-Masson Winery,Saratoga,California/68 Minutes



9-12-80-Glasgow Apollo,Scotland/70 Minutes {First “Blizzard Of Oz” Show}

5-2-81-The Palladium,New York City,New York/70 Minutes {First “Diary Of A Madman” Show}

7-28-81-Unknown Venue,Canada/68 Minutes

?-?-82--“Crazy Train”-San Francisco,California,W/Randy Rhoads/70 Minutes{SBD}

“The Randy Rhoads Tribute Tape”-Collection of Interviews/Guitar Lessons/75 Minutes

See “DVD Section”



10-22-88-New York  "Midnight Moonlight"/75 Minutes

“Cinema 90XYZ”-Studio Soundboard Sessions Of Jimmy Page With Members Of Yes/140 Minutes

8-22-98-Cologne,Germany-“Page & Plant”/130 Minutes{SBD}

9-23-98-Las Vegas,Nevada-"Page & Plant"/140 Minutes

10/19/99-The Greek Theater-Los Angeles, CA w/Black Crowes/120 Minutes{Soundboard}

7-6-2000-Nissan Pavilion,Bristow,Virginia w/Black Crowes/155 Minutes

7-8-2000-E Center,Camden,New Jersey w/Black Crowes/157 Minutes

See “Led Zeppelin“, “VCD Section” & “DVD Section”



“Pavarotti & Friends For The Children Of Liberia”-MANY Awesome Guests/73 Minutes



3-17-95-Melbourne,Australia/140 Minutes

10-22-2000-Las Vegas, Nevada/136 Minutes



12-4-82-"Straight Into Darkness" Utrecht,Holland/140 Minutes{OUTSTANDING SOUNDBOARD}

?-?-86-"Precious Memories"- w/Bob Dylan/65 Minutes

?-?-91-Birmingham,England/74 Minutes

2-7-97-Fillmore West,San Francisco,California/185 Minutes {EXCELLENT SBD}



"The Dark Side Of The Moon Tribute"/65 Minutes

10-31-94-"The Beatles White Album Tribute"/60 Minutes



"The Man On The Border"-Syd Barrett/Pink Floyd Early Demos & Outtakes/130 Minutes

"Syd Barrett-Various Takes"-Alternate Versions and Rare Songs/140 Minutes

“Tree Full Of Secrets”-Vols. 1-2-3-Demos/Outtakes/Alternate Versions of “Syd” Era/220 Minutes

5-15-71-Garden Party,Crystal Palace Bowl,Crystal Palace,London,England/95 Minutes

2-13-72-Nakajima Sports Center,Hokkaido,Japan/72 Minutes

2-20-72-"Dark Side Of The Sky",London,England/74 Minutes

“The Dark Side Of The Moon Demos”-Raw,Unedited Demo Takes/77 Minutes

4-8-75-PNE Exhibition Park,Vancouver,Canada/130 Minutes {First Show of Tour}

6-28-75-Hamilton,Ontario,Canada/145 Minutes

"Wish You Were Here"-QUADRAPHONIC MIX/48 Minutes

"Wish You Were Here Outtakes"{Same Song Order But Alternate Versions}/48 Minutes

1-23-77-Westfalenhalle,Dortmund,Germany/135 Minutes{Opening Night of ANIMALS Tour

6-27-77-Boston,Massachusetts/135 Minutes

7-6-77-Olympic Stadium-Montreal,Quebec/140 Minutes

8-5-77-Anaheim,California/140 Minutes

9-5-77-Oakland Coliseum,Oakland,Calif.{Complete Animals/Wish You Were Here}/145 Minutes

?-?-79/80-“The Wall Demos”-Collection With All Songs In Order of Real Album/80 Minutes

2-28-80-Nassau Coliseum,Long Island,N.Y./"The Wall" Concert/115 Minutes

7-?-82”The Final Cutting”-Collection of  Outtakes From “The Final Cut”/60 Minutes

1984-David Gilmour-"About Face" Tour/70 Minutes

7-21-84-Meadowlands,E.Rutherford,NJ{Roger Waters w/ Eric Clapton}/80 Minutes

3-28-85-Radio City Music Hall,New York,New York/140 Minutes{Complete Pros & Cons}

8-?-89-"Venetian Nights"-Venice,Italy/130 Minutes

5-19-94-"Pigs Over Beantown"-Foxboro Stadium,Foxboro,Massachusetts/140 Minutes

7-17-94-Giants Stadium,East Rutherford,New Jersey\135 Minutes{Audience Recording}

7-24-99-Rosemont Theatre,Chicago,Illinois{Roger Waters}/145 Minutes

?-?-02-Royal Albert Hall,London,England/76 Minutes

1-16-02-“Acoustically Pink”-Royal Festival Hall-London,England/120 Minutes{David Gilmour}

3-7-02-Velez Sarsfield Stadium,Buenas Aires,Brazil/120 Minutes{Roger Waters-Nice FM}

See “DVD Section”



4-21-81-The Blue Note Club,City Unknown w/Honeydrippers/73 Minutes

?-?-84-Unknown Venue,England/115 Minutes {Excellent SBD}

?-?-85-"Sea of Love"/75 Minutes

?-?-93-Glastonbury Fayre,England/72 Minutes

7-31-02-Madison Square Garden-New York City,New York{Packaged w/The Who}/70 MInutes

8-3-02-Madison Square Garden-New York City,New York{Packaged w/The Who}/70 Minutes

See “Led Zeppelin” & “DVD Section”



11-?-79-The Orpheum-Boston,Massachusetts/78 Minutes

8-22-80-Les Arčnes,Béziers,France/74 Minutes

7-31-82-Gateshead International Stadium/75 Minutes

2-8-83-“Many Miles Away”-Montreal,Canada/75 Minutes

1983 Tour-"Tara,Not The Sahara"-Atlanta,Georgia/70 Minutes{SBD}

?-?-86- Amnesty International Show,E. Rutherford,N.J.{FINALE}/39 Minutes{Filler:U2-Same Show}

See "Sting" ,“Sting: VCD-Section” & “DVD Section”



1954-55- "The Sun Sessions"-Outtakes/Master Takes/Alternate Takes/73 Minutes

“There’s Always Me”-Studio Work {Some Blips Throughout but Classic}/120 Minutes

1956-"Million Dollar Quartet"-Elvis/Jerry Lee Lewis/Johnny Cash/Carl Perkins/67 Minutes

5-16-56-Robinson Memorial Auditorium-Little Rock,Arkansas/26 Minutes

“The Elvis Acetates:Volume 1: Fun In Acapulco”-Collection of Studio Outtakes/70 Minutes

“The Elvis Acetates:Volume 2: Girls Girls Girls”-Collection of Studio Outtakes/70 Minutes

1963/1964- "The Lost Tapes"-Collection of Demos and Outtakes/33 minutes

8-23-69-Las Vegas ,Nevada/70 Minutes

“Elvis:Pure Diamonds-Vol 1”-Collection Of Rare Songs/65 Minutes

“Elvis:Pure Diamonds-Vol 4”-Collection Of Rare Songs/65 Minutes

June-1970/August-1970-“That’s The Way It Is”-Live Recordings-Gold Master Disk/70 Minutes

8-21-70/4-24-75-“Elvis From Vegas To Macon”-Las Vegas/Macon Shows/145 Minutes

"Totally Stung"-Studio Sessions/73 Minutes{SBD}

“The King On Stage:Volume 1-Disk 1” :8-20-73 In Las Vegas/70 Minutes

“The King On Stage:Volume 2-Disk 1” :5-27-74 In Stateline,Nevada/70 Minutes

“The King On Stage:Volume 1-Disk 2” :6-29-74 In Kansas City,Missouri/70 Minutes

8-19-74-“If You Talk In Your Sleep”-Las Vegas, Nevada/90 Minutes/SBD

9-2-74-Las Vegas Hilton-Las Vegas,Nevada{Closing Night}/88 Minutes

“The King On Stage:Volume 2-Disk 2” :9-28-74 In Maryland/70 Minutes

“The King On Stage:Volume 2-Disk 3” :10-6-74 In Dayton,Ohio/70 Minutes

“The King On Stage:Volume 2-Disk 4” :3-22-75 In Las Vegas/70 Minutes

“The King On Stage:Volume 1-Disk 3” :5-4-75 In Lake Charles,Louisiana/70 Minutes

6-9-76-“Elvis Still Rocks The Nation”-Van Braun Civic Center-Huntsville,Alabama/60 Minutes

12-28-76-“A Hot Winter Night In Dallas”-Dallas,Texas/61 Minutes{EXCELLENT SBD}

“The King On Stage:Volume 1-Disk 4” :4-24-77 In Ann Arbor,Michigan/70 Minutes

6-19-77-CBS TV SPECIAL{Never Released, He Was TOTALLY WASTED}/73 Minutes

6-26-77-Indianapolis,Indiana-"The FINAL Show"/74 Minutes

“American Crown Jewels”-Jan/Feb 1969 Studio Outtakes/70 Minutes

“Elvis:Rough Cut Diamonds”-Rare Songs Performed By The King/75 Minutes

“Elvis:Guaranteed To Blow Your Mind”-Nice Versions Of Various Songs/75 Minutes

“Elvis:The Film Session Outtakes”-Nice Alternate Versions Of Movie Classics/76 Minutes

"The Jungle Room Sessions"-Elvis' Last Recordings/72 Minutes

“Elvis: “Oh Come Oh Ye Faithful”-Collection Of Great Christmas Music/75 Minutes

“Elvis: “The Crystal Voice”-Studio Outtakes\130 Minutes{Excellent SBD}

6-15-02-“Elvis:The Show”-Elvis Performs On Video While Original Band Plays Live/90 Minutes



9-4-81-Santa Monica Civic Center,Santa Monica,California{Excellent SBD}

5-5-84-Radio City Music Hall,New York City,New York./125 Minutes

3-11-00-Tower Theater,Philadelphia,Pennsylvania/130 Minutes

8-6-00-Pine Knob Music Center-Unknown,Ohio/68 Minutes

See “DVD Section”



9-9-86-"Septembre"-Last Show w/The Revolution(End of " Parade"Tour)/140 Minutes

9-9-88-Dortmund,Germany-"Left Eye-Greatest Hits Live In Stereo"/70 Minutes



6-6-77-Earl’s Court-London,England/140 Minutes{SBD}

11-25-81-"Don't Cry For Me"-Montreal Forum,Montreal Canada/146 Minutes

9-15-84-Venue Unknown {Great Audience Recording}/125 minutes

5-15-85-Osaka,Japan/90 Minutes

6-21-86-Mannheim/130 Minutes{GREAT SHOW}

Date Unknown-Seattle,Washington/77 Minutes

Date Unknown-{"News of The World" Era}Venue Unknown/65 Minutes

“The Unobtainable Royal Chronicle Volume 2/Rare Versions/Mixes/75 Minutes



3-27-71-Syracuse University,Syracuse,New York/73 Minutes {MIND-BLOWING SLIDE GUITAR!!}

2-22-72-Sigma Sound Studios,Philadelphia,Pennsylvania/70 Minutes{FM-SBD}

10-17-72-WLIR Radio Broadcast,Long Island,New York,w/Lowell George/60 minutes

3-5-98-Rockefellers-Houston,Texas/72 Minutes {Excellent SBD}

4-12-92-Acoustic Benefit Show, Eureka,California{For A Congressional Election}/110 Minutes{SBD}

9-2-98-Minnesota State Fair,St. Paul,Minnesota w/Guests/115 Minutes

6-16-03-BBC Maidi Vale Studios,London,England/63 Minutes{Killer SBD}



?-?-66-Whiskey-A-Go-Go/Early and Late Shows/90 Minutes {SBD}

?-?-67-European Tour-Venue Unknown/37 Minutes



7-25-99-Rome,N.Y./74 Minutes

See”DVD Section”



9-14-87-"Bucketfull Of Worksongs"-Ultrecht,Holland/78 Minutes{SBD}

1988-"Begin The Begin"-Nice Show From The "Life's Rich Pageant" Tour/65 Minutes

"COVERING 'EM"-A Collection Of Live R.E.M. Cover Music/70 Minutes

8-31-99-Chaiston Park Ampitheatre-Atlanta,Georgia/DAT-A++/150 Minutes

5-12-01-Kolner Dom,Roncalliplatz,Cologne,Germany/110 Minutes{GREAT FM}

5-25-2001-MTV Unplugged/110 Minutes

10-21-03-Madrid,Spain/60 Minutes {Radio Broadcast}

10-1-04-“Vote For Change”-Fleet Center,Philadelphia,Pennsylvania/130 Minutes

10-2-04-“Vote For Change”-Gund Arena,Cleveland,Ohio/130 Minutes{Michael Stipe Only}}



9-29-81-Budokan-Tokyo-Japan/70 Minutes



“Rolling Stones One:The Remastered Version”/60 Minutes

“Rolling Stones Two:The Remastered Version”/60 Minutes

“The Complete Ed Sullivan Performances/70 Minutes

“The Official Rolling Stones Black Album/150 Minutes

7-28-66-"In Action"-Honolulu,Hawaii/70 Minutes/SBD

“The Satanic Majesty’s Remaster”- Mickboy Remaster w/Outtakes/75 Minutes

“The Satanic Sessions:Volume 2”-Nice Outtakes From Satanic Majesty’s Request/94 Minutes

“Only When It’s Frozen”-Mickboy Remaster Of “Aftermath” In Stereo & w/Outtakes/75Minutes

“Hillside Blues”-Nice Collection Of Studio Outtakes 1968ŕ1972/140 Minutes

“The Trident Sessions Complete”-Studio Work With {Then New Member}Mick Taylor/140 Minutes

November/December 1969-“The Soundboard Tapes”-Nice Collection/74 Minutes

12-6-69-“The Killer Festival”-Altamont Speedway,San Francisco,California/110 Minutes

3-13-71-"Get Your Leeds Lungs  Out"-Live In Leeds,UK/65 Minutes{Original Master Recording}

“Klein’s Revenge”-Memamorphosis Outtakes/65 Minutes

Beggar's Banquet Outtakes,Studio Cuts/90 Minutes

Beggar’s Breakfast”-Collection Of “Beggar’s Banquet”-Era Outtakes/Demos/60 Minutes

“Goats Head Soup:The Remasters”-Nice Remix Of The Original Album + Outtakes/60 Minutes

“Let It Bleed:The Remasters”-Nice Remix Of The Original Album + Outtakes/60 Minutes

"On The Needle#2"-Demos/Outtakes From Different Sessions /72 Minutes{A+ Sound}

"Sticky Fingers & Tricky Ringers"-Outtakes From "Sticky Fingers"/68 Minutes

“Sticky Fingers:The Alternate Album”-Outtakes & Demos From 1970 Sessions/74 Minutes

“It’s Only Rock&Roll By The Balls”-Remastered Original + Outtakes/2 CD’s

“Main Street Revisited”-Remastered Original + Outtakes/2 CD’s

“Black&Blue 2”Remastered Original+ Outtakes

"Paris Outtakes-Volume One"-Classic "Some Girls" outtakes/75 Minutes

"Paris Outtakes-Volume Two"-Classic "Some Girls" outtakes/75 Minutes

9-16-73-Glasgow,Scotland/78 Minutes {Audience Recording}

Sept/Oct-1973-“Timeless:Europe’73”-Great Concert Cuts/130 Minutes

“The Some Girls Sessions”-Nice Studio Work/60 Minutes

5-?-78-"The Woodstock Rehearsals",New York/300 Minutes{Great Quality}

6-14-78-Capital Theater-Passaic,New Jersey/135 Minutes

7-18-78-“Cowgirls BBQ”-Fort Worth, Texas/86 Minutes{SBD-KILLER SHOW}

?-?-78-"Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others"-Memphis,Tennessee/76 Minutes

June/July-1978-“Handsome Girls”-KILLER Collection of LIVE Material/280 Minutes

"Static In The Attic"-Mostly "Emotional Rescue" Outtakes/76 Minutes

1979-80-"The Tattoo You" Sessions-Nice Studio Work/135 Minutes

“Want Some Wild Stuff?”-Collection Of Great Concert Performances/185 Minutes

“Tatooed”-Mickboy Re-Mastered “Tattoo You” Version w/Demos&Outtakes/75 Minutes

“Tattoo Out”-Nice Collection Of Demos/Outtakes/Rare Songs/145 Minutes

"Tattoo You Sessions"-Studio Outtakes/78 Minutes

“Waiting On A Friend”-“Tattoo You” Outtakes/60 Minutes

11-19-81-Hartford Civic Center-Hartford,Connecticut/140Minutes {GREAT SBD}

“Black Limousine”-Nice Collection Of Live Cuts From 1981 U.S. Tour/140 Minutes

“Chainsaw”-Outtakes From The “Undercover” Sessions/76 Minutes

12-19-89-Atlantic City Convention Center, New Jersey./FM-A++/135 Minutes

11-25-94-Joe Robbie Stadium,Miami,Florida/FM-A++/135 Minutes

?-?-?-"Over The Rainbow"-Keith-Home Studio On Piano/Acoustic Guitar/74 Minutes{CLASSIC}

3-12-95-"Live in Japan"-Tokyo Dome,Japan/135 Minutes

9-18-97-"Behind The Double Door"-Chicago,Illinois(Surprise Warmup Appearance)/72 Minutes

1-25-99-Oakland,California,"No Security" Tour/135 Minutes

3-15-99-First Union Center,Philadelphia,Pennsylvania/130 Minutes{SBD}

4-16-99-MGM Grand Garden Arena,Las Vegas, NV/120 Minutes

6-8-99-“Cow Skins&Pig Shoes” w/Sheryl Crow-Shepherds Bush,England/120 Minutes

1-28-00-Mick Taylor-Great American Music Hall-San Francisco,California/135 Minutes

8-?-02-“The Secret Club Gig”-Palais Royale-Toronto,Canada/75 Minutes

9-5-02-Foxboro Stadium,Foxboro,Massachusetts/140 Minutes{Excellent Audience Recording}

9-8-02-Orpheum Theater-Boston,Massachusetts/135 Minutes

9-22-02-Tower Theater-Philadelphia,Pennsylvania/135 Minutes

9-30-02-Roseland Ballroom,New York City,New York/140 Minutes

10-23-02-Miami,Florida/135 Minutes

“Undercovers:Vol 1”-Collection Of Various Artists Covering Rolling Stones Songs/78 Minutes

“Remaster Resampler”-Collection Of Very Nicely Remastered Songs/78 Minutes

1-18-03-Madison Square Garden,New York,New York/120 Minutes

8-29-03-Wembley Arena-London,England/125 Minutes

See “DVD Section”



?-?-74-Long Island,New York-FM Broadcast/65 Minutes

?-?-76-“The Interpreter”-Rockplast,Germany/68 Minutes

See “DVD Section”



7-8-76-Grand Rapids,Michigan/125 Minutes

“Somewhere/Anywhere”-Outtakes/Demos From “Something/Anything/65 Minutes

5-14-78-The Bottom Line,Greenwich Village,New York City, New York/81 Minutes

8-5-78-The Old Waldorf,San Francisco,California/89 Minutes

10-20-80-The Agora-Akron,Ohio w/Ian Hunter/120 Minutes

“King Bisquit Flower Hour”-Great Sounding Live Music/65 Minutes

10-31-85-Venue Unknown,Dallas,Texas/120 Minutes

12-4-96-House Of Blues,New Orleans,Louisiana/120 Minutes

7-8-00-Taj Mahal Casino,Atlantic City,New Jersey/125 Minutes

5-11-04-Cat’s Cradle,Carrboro,North Carolina/120 Minutes {“Liars” Tour}

6-8-04-The Tralf,Buffalo,New York/120 Minutes {“Liars” Tour}

See “Utopia”



"Here Again At The Agora"-1974 Show From WMMS In Cleveland/60 Minutes{FM-SBD}

8-26-74-“Fifth Order Of Angels”-Agora Ballroom,Cleveland,Ohio/57 Minutes

12-5-74-“By Tor”-Electric Ladyland Studios-New York,New York

6-2-77-Manchester,England/78 Minutes

11-20-78-“A Desert Passage”-Tuscon Convention Center, Tuscon,Arizona/140 Minutes{SBD}

5-28-79-Frankfurt,Germany/117 Minutes {SBD}

6-4-79-“A Right To Passage-Venue Unknown/74 Minutes

2-14-80-Keil Auditorium,St.Louis,Missouri/74 Minutes {AWESOME-Remastered!!}

9-30-80-Allentown Fairgrounds,Allentown,Pennsylvania/130 Minutes{SBD}

3-1-81- "Exit Stage Right"-Chicago,Illinois/120 Minutes

6-16-81-“Anaheim ‘81 Definitve”-Anaheim,California/125 Minutes

11-2-81-“Freewill & A Broken String”-Brighton Center,Brighton,UK/120 Minutes

5-21-83-“Countdown To London”-Wembley Arena,London,England/110 Minutes

6-25-84-“Experience To Extremes”/120 Minutes {SBD}

4-16-86-"Mystic Dreams"-The Spectrum,Philadelphia,Pennsylvania/130 Minutes{AMAZING}

4-21-88-“A Desperate Voice”-National Exhibition Center-Birmingham,UK/130 Minutes{SBD}

5-8-90-“The Hartford ‘90”-Hartford Civic Center,Hartford,Connecticut/120 Minutes{SBD}

6-17-90-“That’s Entertainment”-East Troy,Wisconsin/125 Minutes

6-27-90-Shoreline Ampitheatre-Mountain View,California/120 Minutes

12-7-91-“Garden Roads”-Madison Square Garden,New York City,New York/145 Minutes{SBD}

1-30-92-"Rush Roulette"-Oakland Coliseum,Oakland,California/135 Minutes{Great SBD}

5-3-92-“Atmospheric”-Holland/125 Minutes {Crystal Cat Release,Great Quality}

3-4-94-The Thunderdome,St.Petersburg,Florida/150 Minutes

3-22-94-Palace of Auburn Hills -"Critical Mass"/124 Minutes

4-29-94-Philly Spectrum,Philadelphia,Pennsyvania/155 Minutes{KILLER SBD}

12-5-96-“Bigger And Better In Texas”-The Summit, Houston,Texas/130 Minutes{EXCELLENT !!}

6-30-97-Toronto,Canada/130 Minutes {SBD}

6-22-97-“The Other Half”-Blockbuster/Sony Music Center,Camden,New Jersey/160 Minutes

6-23-97-Great Woods Music Amphitheater,Mansfield,Massachusetts/180 Minutes{KILLER SBD}

7-19-02-Marcus Ampitheater-Milwaukee,Wisconsin/155 Minutes

8-17-02-Verizon Ampitheater-Selma,Texas/155 Minutes

9-21-02-MGM Grand Arena,Las Vegas,Nevada/160 Minutes

10-11-02-Coral Sky Ampitheatre,West Palm Beach,Florida/165 Minutes{Nice DAT Recording}

10-13-02-Philips Arena-Atlanta,Georgia/165 Minutes{Very Nice DAT Recording}

10-25-02-Giant Arena-Hershey,Pennsylvania/160 Minutes DAT

5-26-04-Starwood Ampitheater,Nashville,Tennessee/185 Minutes {Nice DAT}

6-2-04-Venue Unknown,Columbus,Ohio/180 Minutes {Nice DAT}

7-17-04-“Project R30”-MGM Grand Hotel & Casino,Las Vegas,Nevada/180 Minutes

See “DVD Section”



?-?-?-Venue Unknown/120 Minutes {SBD}{Cd 1 Has 5 Second Defect}



7-4-71-“Closing Of The Fillmore West”-San Francisco,California{+Closing Jams}/170 Minutes

?-?-86-Venue Unknown-"Lotus Gem"/135Minutes{WITH JEFF BECK GROUP}

4-?-00-Tokyo,Japan/135 Minutes



11-12-98-Town Hall,New York City/160 Minutes

4-15-00-Wiltern Theater {City,State Unknown}/120 Minutes

?-?-00-"Engines Of Creation-Live 2000/160 Minutes"

12-28/29-00-Fillmore West,San Francisco,California/125 Minutes



10-19-01-Visulite Theater,Charlotte,North Carolina/160 Minutes

1-31-02-The Coach House,San Juan Capistrano,California/120 Minutes



1994-"Around The Bay"-Collection Of Live/Studio/Acoustic Music/75 Minutes



8-11-86-“Like A Rock”-Saratoga,New York/110 Minutes{SBD}



?-?-?-Brian Setzer Orchestra/75 Minutes

?-?-93-Brian Setzer Solo-Japan/75 Minutes

?-?-?-“Rockin’ By Myself”-w/Gary Setzer/73 Minutes/Russian Bootleg

7-15-99-Woodstock Festival-New York/68 Minutes

10-29-03-Nanba Hatch,Osaka,Japan/87 Minutes

See "Stray Cats"



?-?-77-B.B. King's,Memphis, Tennessee/59 Minutes



9-8-99-Antioch,Tennessee {Includes Bob Dylan/Paul Simon Solo Shows & Both Together}/200 Minutes

6-13-01-“I’ve Just Seen A Face”-Paul McCartney Guests/125 Minutes{+1 cd of Rehearsals}

"MTV Unplugged"/70 Minutes



?-?-66-Tufts University,Buffalo,New York/65 Minutes

“Village Vanguard:1966-1969”-Collection Of Outtakes,Rehearsals & BBC Radio/74 Minutes

“Alternate Bookends”-Nice Collection Of Outtakes,Rehearsals,Live Tracks/74 Minutes

6-16-67-"Monterrey Pop Festival",Monterrey,California/60 Minutes-A+

8-23-68-Hollywood Bowl,Hollywood,California/70 Minutes

11-11-69-Oxford,Ohio{1969 Monterrey Pop Festival Filler}/75 Minutes

5-19-70-Paris,France-"Live In Paris"/60 Minutes

8-15-91-{Paul Simon}-Central Park, NYC/120 Minutes

10-23-93-Paramount Theater,New York City,New York/140 Minutes {1 CD-Together & 1 CD-Paul Solo}

10-27-93-Simon AND Garfunkel-Madison Square Garden/70 Minutes

"The Bridge Over Troubled Water Collector's Edition"-Mono/Stereo/Live Cuts/75 Minutes

10-16-03-Wachovia Arena,Wilkes Barre,Pennsyvania w/The Everly Brothers/120 Minutes

10-20-03-Gund Arena,Cleveland,Ohio/120 Minutes{A Bit Better Than The Above Show}

See “DVD Section”



6-9-57-Venue Unknown/63 Minutes{SBD-Excellent}

?-?-62-The Rat Pack With Sammy/Dean-Villa Venice,Chicago,Illinois/120 Minutes

9-6-63-"Indian Summer At The Sands"-w/Sammy & Dean

6-20-65-The Rat Pack w/Quincy Jones&Count Basie Band-St. Louis, Missouri/77 Minutes

1966-"Live At The Sands" Las Vegas,Nevada/Soundboard/70 Minutes

1966-"Frank & Dean's Party By The Bay"-San Francisco w/Ella Fitzgerald/70 Minutes

Date Unknown-Frank With the Dean and Sammy In Vegas/Soundboard/70 Minutes

4-17-73-Washington,D.C.-Intro By Richard Nixon/42 Minutes

?-?-77-The Sabre Room”-{With Dean Martin}-Chicago,Illinois/70 Minutes

?-?-86-"The Homecoming"-Meadowlands,E.Rutherford,N.J./78 Minutes

2-25-95-"THE FINAL PERFORMANCE"/Soundboard-A++/23 Minutes



9-1-69-Texas International Pop Festival,Dallas,Texas/51 Minutes

11-9-74-Venue Unknown/70 Minutes



Date Unknown-Bottom Line,NewYork City,New York/55 Minutes



7-7-92-Royal Albert Hall,London,England/120 Minutes



"Lost Tracks:1978-1993"-Some Live/Some w/Other Artists On Their Records/70 Minutes

"Lost Masters I"-Outtakes From The Nebraska Sessions/60 Minutes

"Lost Masters II"-Outtakes From The Darkness Sessions/60 Minutes

"Lost Masters III"-Outtakes From The Darkness Sessions/60 Minutes

"Lost Masters IV"-"Songs That Got Away"{Never Released}/60 Minutes

"Lost Masters V"-Outtakes From The River Sessions/60 Minutes

"Lost Masters VI"-Outtakes From The River Sessions/60 Minutes

"Lost Masters VII"-"Stockton Boy"-Solo Masters/60 Minutes

"Lost Masters VIII"-Home Demos From 1979/60 Minutes

"Lost Masters IX"- Home Demos From 1979/60 Minutes

"Lost Masters X"-Home Demos From 1983/60 Minutes

"Lost Masters XI"-Band Rehearsals From 1979-1980/60 Minutes

"Lost Masters XII"-Band Rehearsal From 1979-!980/60 Minutes

"Lost Masters XIII"-Band Rehearsals From 1980/74 Minutes

"Lost Masters XIV"-Band Rehearsals From 1979/60 Minutes

"Lost Masters XV"-Band Rehearsals From 1980/75 Minutes

"Lost Masters XVI"-Solo Studio Work From 1982-1983/43 Minutes

"Lost Master XVII"-Solo Studio Work From 1983/50 Minutes

"Lost Masters XVIII"-Solo Studio Work From 1983/49 Minutes

"Lost Master XIX"-Band Rehearsals and Rough Mixes From 1982-1983/60 Minutes

"Prodigal Son"-Collection of Outtakes From First Two Albums/120 Minutes

"Rare Tracks"Outtakes from 1975-1979/90 Minutes

"Rare Trax"-Outtakes,Demos,and Covers/150 Minutes

"All Those Years"-Collection Of Live Cuts From 1971-1981/ 384 Minutes {5 Cd's}

"Genuine Tracks"-Collection Of Studio & Live Tracks 1972-1996/301 Minutes

"The Missing/LostTracks Collection"-Demos & Rare Songs Throughout His Career/130 Minutes

"The Live 1975-1985 Outtake Collection"-Great Quality Cuts Not OnThe Released Version/115 Minutes

1-?-67-“The Castiles:Featuring Bruce”-St. Peter’s Church,Freehold,New Jersey/60 Minutes

1-13-70-"Live At The Matrix" as "Dr.Zoom & The Sonic Boom"/78  Minutes

5-4-70-Bruce & Steel Mill-Monmouth Beach,New Jersey/55 Minutes

11-27-70-Bruce & Steel Mill,Sunshine Inn,Asbury Park,New Jersey/79 Minutes

“Movie Of ‘71”-Bruce & Steel Mill/64 Minutes

5-14-71-Bruce as "Dr Zoom & The Sonic Boom",Sunshine Inn,Asbury Park /77 Minutes

7-23-71-"Dance,Dance,Dance-Damrosch Park,Lincoln Center,NYC/67 Minutes

9-3-71-The Student Prince Club,Asbury Park,New Jersey/55 Minutes

12-17-71-Live At "The Ledge"-Bar,Rutgers University,New Brunswick,New Jersey/70 Minutes

1972-“Bruce Springsteen:In Session”-John Hammond Sessions/120 Minutes/KILLER !!

1972-“The Publisher Demos”-Media Sound Studios,Blauvelt,New York,Demos/Outtakes/70 Minutes

1972-5-"Bound For Glory"-Collection Of Radio Broadcasts That Helped Launch His Career/70 Minutes

4-24-73-"Thundercrack"-Byrn Mawr,Pennsylvania/67 Minutes

5-31-73-“Alpha Studios”-Richmond,Virginia/Richmond Coliseum Later In The Day/78 Minutes

7-31-73-"My Father's Place"-Roslyn,N.Y./70 Minutes

“The Greetings From Asbury Park Live Collection”-Complete Album,But All Live Tracks/72 Minutes

1973-74-"Radio Waves"-Collection Of Songs From Live Radio Shows/70 Minutes

1-19-74-Kent State,Ohio/80 Minutes

2-18-74-The Agora,Cleveland,Ohio/75 Minutes

3-3-74-Gaston Hall,Washington,D.C./125 Minutes

3-9-74-"The Lost Radio Show"-Houston,Texas-KLOL Radio/70 Minutes

5-9-74-Harvard Square,Cambridge,Massachusetts/76 Minutes

7-13-74-“No Money Down”-Bottom Line,Greenwich Village,New York City/120 Minutes

“The Wild,The Innocent&The E-Street Shuffle Live Collection”-Cuts All Live/120 Minutes

“The Born To Run Live Collection”-Complete Album,But All Live Cuts/72 Minutes

“Born In The Studio”-Nice Studio Tracks From The Born To Run Sessions/60 Minutes

10-29-74-“Flesh For Fantasy”-Boston Music Hall,Boston,Massachusetts/135 Minutes

1974-5-"War and Roses"-The Definitive Born To Run Outtakes Collection/74 Minutes

2-5-75-The Main Point,Byrn Mawr,Pa./180 Minutes+{FM Braodcast}

8-14-75-"Live At The Bottom Line"-Greenwich Village, New York/126 Minutes{Early Show}

8-15-75-"Live At The Bottom Line"-Greenwich Village, New York/120 Minutes

8-15-75-“The Way It Was”-The Above But COMPLETE BROADCAST !!!/3 Disks

9-27-75-“Cause Tonight We Got Style”-Ambassador Theater,St. Louis,Missouri/125 Minutes

10-2-75-"The Milwaukee Bomb Scare Show",Wisconsin/125 Minutes

10-11-75-"Homecoming"-Carlton Theater,Red Bank,New Jersey/140 Minutes

11-24-75-Hammersmith Odeon,London,England/155 Minutes

“Lost & Live”-Collection Of Great Live Tracks From 1975->1995/80 Minutes

4-4-76-"Hidden Worlds That Shine"-MSU,E.Lansing,Michigan/130 Minutes

4-7-76-"Runners In The Night"-Allen Theater, Cleveland,Ohio/130 Minutes

4-29-76-“Knock On Wood”-Ellis Auditorium,Memphis,Tennessee/140 Minutes

3-4-77-The Auditorium”-Jacksonville,Florida w/Miami Horns+Filler From 1973/145 Minutes

3-25-77-Boston Music Hall,Boston,Mass./170 Minutes

"Still On The Edge"-Nice Collection Of "Darkness On The Edge Of Town" Outtakes/135 Minutes

“The Darkness On The Edge Of Town Live Collection”-The Album, But All Live Cuts/78 Minutes

5-19-78-"The Darkness Rehearsals"-A Few Days Before Opening Show, Red Bank,N.J./175 Minutes

5-23-78-"Opening Night"-Shea Theater,Buffalo,New York/145 Minutes {Includes 3 Rehearsal Songs}

6-16-78- "Kansas City Carboy",Memorial Hall,Kansas City, Missouri/145 Minutes{SBD}

7-5-78-L.A. Forum,Los Angeles,California/175 Minutes

7-7-78-"Night At The Roxy"-Los Angeles/175 Minutes {INCREDIBLE !!}

8-4-78-Charleston,West Virginia/175 Minutes {AWESOME}

8-9-78-Agora Ballroom,Cleveland,Ohio/90 Minutes {Classic !!}

8-21-78-Madison Square Garden-New York City,New York/160 Minutes

8-22-78-Madison Square Garden-New York City,New York/160 Minutes

8-23-78-Madison Square Garden-New York City,New York/160 Minutes

9-1-78-“Darkness At The Heartbreak Hotel”-Masonic Temple,Detroit,Michigan/170 Minutes

9-3-78-Civic Center,Saginaw,Michigan/170 Minutes {Supposedly BEST Of The Tour}

9-19-78-"Passaic Night"-Capital Theater,Passaic,NJ/240 Minutes,Including Extra Tracks

9-20-78-"2nd Night"-Capital Theater,Passaic,New Jersey/170 Minutes

9-21-78-"The Boss's Birthday Party"-Capital Theater,Passaic,New Jersey/175 Minutes

9-30-78-Fox Theater-Atlanta,Georgia/155 Minutes

12-15-78-Winterland,San Francisco,California/190 Minutes {Classic !!}

12-16-78-Winterland,San Francisco,California/180 Minutes

1977-78-"The Original Darkness Mixes"-Professional Quality Studio Outtakes/70 Minutes

“Total Darkness”-Huge Collection of Tour Hits/Covers/Encores/390 Minutes

9-22-79-“No Nukes”-Madison Square Garden,New York City,New York/76 Minutes{Incomplete}

12-29-80-"Coliseum Night"-Nassau Coliseum,Long Island,New York/220 Minutes

12-31-80-"Nassau Night"-Long Island,New York/230 Minutes {EXCELLENT!}

"The Definitive River Outtakes"-Volumes 1&2/280 Minutes

"The Ties That Bind"-The "UNRELEASED" Springsteen Album That Became "The River"/50 Minutes

“The River Live Collection”-Same Album Songs,All Recorded Live/130 Minutes

1-28-81-Checkerdome,St. Louis,Missouri/175 Minutes

5-7-81-“Follow That Dream”-Johanneshovs Isstadion-Stockholm,Sweden/170 Minutes

7-9-81-“Front Row Center”-Meadowlands,East Rutherford,New Jersey/220 Minutes

8-20-81-"A Night For The Vietnam Veteran"-Los Angeles,Ca./185 Minutes

9-13-81-Riverfront Coliseum,Cincinnati,Ohio/155 Minutes{I was there}

9-14-81-Riverfront Coliseum,Cincinnati,Ohio/160 Minutes {Final Show Of The "River" Tour}

12/81/1-82-"Lost Masters 1"-The Complete Nebraska Session-"Alone In Colts Neck"/70 Minutes

1982->1993-“Bruce: The Duets”-Live Duets From That Era/75 Minutes

6-21-84-"The Unplanned Gig"-Lancaster,Pennsylvania/40 Minutes+Filler{9-21-78}

8-16-84-Giants Stadium,East Rutherford,New Jersey/160 Minutes

9-22-84-Civic Center, Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania/210 Minutes

11-16-84-Hilton Arena,Ames,Iowa/175 Minutes

11-19-84-Kemper Arena,Kansas City,Missouri/180 Minutes {Incredible!}

9-1-85-Giants Stadium,East Rutherford,New Jersey/180+ Minutes

9-8-85-"A Night At Soldier Field"-Chicago,Illinois/170 Minutes

10-13-86-"Acoustic Together"-Shoreline Ampitheater,California/70 Minutes {Guests:CSNY}

12-13-87-“Homeless Children’s Medical Benefits Concert”-LOADS OF GUESTS!!/155 Minutes

2-28-88-"Tunnel Of Lust"-Worcester,Massachusetts/155 Minutes

5-3-88-"Roses And Broken Hearts"-Mountain View,California/175 Minutes{SBD !! UNREAL !!}

5-10-88-"Bloomington Night",The Met Center Bloomington-Minneapolis,Minnesota/ 234 Minutes

"Human Rights Now!"-Every Song Bruce Performed On 1988 Tour For Human Rights/150 Minutes

11-16-90-"The Christic Institute Show"-Los Angeles,Ca./Acoustic/85 Minutes {w/Guests}

11-17-90-"The Christic Institute Show-2nd Night"-Los Angeles,Ca./Acoustic/78 Minutes

6-5-92-“Dress Rehearsal”,Los Angeles,California/A+/100 Minutes

9-28-92-Los Angeles Sports Arena-Los Angeles,California/215 Minutes

6-24-93-Meadlowlands Arena-Food Drive Benefit w/MANY Guests!/190 Minutes

6-26-93-Kristin Carr Benefit,Madison Square Garden,New York City/170 Minutes {Many Guests}

8-20-94-"Coast To Coast-Mars,Bars,&Guitars"/75 Minutes

"Sony Studios:1995"-Collection Of Live Recordings-Professionally Assembled/145 Minutes

“Tom Joad Tour Cuts”-Nice Set Songs From All Over The World/80 Minutes

"Ghosts Of Nebraska"-Recorded During Tom Joad Tour '96/70 Minutes

4-24-96-Brixton Academy,London,England/A++/170 Minutes

9-25-96-E.J.Thomas Hall,Akron,Ohio./160 Minutes{Acoustic Solo}

11-8-96-St.Rose Of Lima School-Freehold,New Jersey/152 Minutes

11-26-96-Paramount Theater,Asbury Park,New Jersey/190 Minutes{INCREDIBLE!}

2-17-97-Palais Theater,Melbourne,Australia/220 Minutes {Great Dat Recording}

1-31-98-"Red Bank Night"-Benefit Show w/Bon Jovi/Richie Sambora/180 Minutes{SBD}

3-19-99-"Tearing Down The Walls Of Jersey"-Dress Rehearsal,Asbury Park/155 Minutes

4-20-99-Milan,Italy{This Is A Video On VCD}/180 MInutes

6-24-99-Stockholm,Sweden/175 Minutes{Soundboard-Excellent}

7-15-99-Meadowlands,East Rutherford,N.J./180 Minutes{1st U.S. Tour Date}

7-18-99-Meadowlands,East Rutherford,N.J./165 Minutes

7-24-99-Meadowlands,East Rutherford,N.J./160 Minutes

8-12-99-Meadowlands,East Rutherford,N.J./180 Minutes {Several Guests}

8-22-99-Fleet Center,Boston,Massachusetts/SBD-ALD-A+/175 Minutes {Excellent !}

8-27-99-Fleet Center,Boston,Massachusetts/170 Minutes

9-15-99-First Union Center,Philadelphia,Pennsylvania/170 Minutes

10-23-99-Staples Center,Los Angeles,California/165 Minutes/{ALD&Audience Blended Mix}

10-28-99-Oakland Arena,Oakland,California/180 Minutes{Soundboard-Excellent !}

11-6-99-Fargo Dome,Fargo,North Dakota/175 Minutes

11-15-99-Gund Arena, Cleveland,Ohio/165 Minutes

11-29-99-Target Center,Minneapolis,Minn./FINAL SHOW Of The Tour & Century !!{SBD}

“I Need A Little More Piano”-Nice Set Of Bruce Solo On Piano From 1990-2002/74 MInutes

4-21-00-Charlotte Coliseum,Charlotte,North Carolina/165 Minutes

5-7-00-Hartford Civic Center,Hartford,Connecticut/175 Minutes

5-8-00-Hartford Civic Center,Hartford,Connecticut/180 Minutes

5-27-00-MGM Grand Garden Arena,Las Vegas,Nevada/180 Minutes{ALD,AUD or BOTH}

6-4-00-Phillips Arena,Atlanta,Georgia/170 Minutes

{6-27/6-29/7-1}-2000-HBO Special Plus LOTS Of Extras/300 Minutes

7-1-00-"Promises Delivered"-MSG,N.Y.C.+Highlights Of Ten Show Stand+ "Videos"/ 7 Cd's

12-18-00-Convention Hall-Asbury Park,New Jersey/155 Minutes {Excellent}

12-6-01-Convention Hall-Asbury Park,New Jersey/165 Minutes {Excellent}

12-7-01-Convention Hall-Asbury Park,New Jersey/165 Minutes {SBD}

12-8-01-Convention Hall-Asbury Park,New Jersey/160 Minutes {Excellent}

7-30-02-Convention Hall-Asbury Park,New Jersey/160 Minutes {Excellent}

8-2-02-Convention Hall-Asbury Park,New Jersey/160 Minutes {Excellent}

8-7-02-Continental Arena-East Rutherford,New Jersey/160 Minutes{OPENING NIGHT!}

8-12-02-Madison Square Garden,New York City,New York/155 Minutes

8-21-02-Tacoma,Washington/155 Minutes

8-29-02-MTV Video Music Awards/Rose Planetarium,New York,New York/76 Minutes

9-29-02-The Fargo Dome-Fargo,South Dakota/165 Minuutes+Bonus Tracks

9-30-02-Xcel Energy Center-St.Paul.Minnesota/160 Minutes+Bonus tracks

10-10-02-“Ahoy”-Rotterdam,Holland/Crystal Cat DAT Release/158 Minutes/KICKASS!

2-19-03-Somerville Theater,Somerville,Massachusetts/Acoustic Solo Benefit Show-KICKASS!

3-7-03-Atlantic City Convention Center,Atlantic City,New Jersey {GREAT Show-Dat}

5-27-03-London,England\165 Minutes

5-29-03-Manchester,England\160 Minutes

7-27-03-Foxboro Stadium,Foxboro,Massachusetts/160 Minutes

8-1-03- Foxboro Stadium,Foxboro,Massachusetts/160 Minutes

8-9-03-Lincoln Financial Field,Philadelphia,Pennsylvania/165 Minutes

8-11-03-Lincokn Financial Field,Philadelphia,Pennsylvania/175 Minutes

8-30-03-Giants Stadium,East Rutherford,New Jersey/160 Minutes

8-31-03-Giants Stadium,East Rutherford,New Jersey/160 Minutes

9-7-03-Fenway Park,Boston,Massachusetts-1st Show EVER At Fenway/165 Minutes

10-4-03-“The Last Dance”-Shea Stadium,Flushing,New York-Special Guests/190 Minutes

12-7-03-Convention Hall,Asbury Park,New Jersey-Lots Of Special Guests/190+ Minutes

10-1-04-“Vote For Change”-Fleet Center,Philadelphia,Pennsylvania/130 Minutes

10-2-04-“Vote For Change”-Gund Arena,Cleveland,Ohio/130 Minutes{Mix Of ALD/DAT}

See "VCD Section" & “DVD Section”



3-20-74-The Record Plant,Los Angeles,California/75 Minutes{Excellent SBD}

3-23-74-JJ's,San Diego,California/40 Minutes

5- -74-Tom Lee Park,Memphis,Tennessee/90 Minutes

“The Katy Lied Outtakes”-Demos/Outtakes From The Album/67 Minutes

“The Gaucho Outtakes”-Demos & Works In Progress-Quality Varies/76 Minutes

9-1-93-Riverport Ampitheatre,St.Louis,Missouri/120 Minutes

7-21-96-Nissan Pavilion,Manassas,Virginia/140 Minutes

1-29-00-Invite Only Show,New Jersey/74 Minutes {A+}



11-15-88-Bottom Line,Greenwich Village,NYC/45 Minutes

3-12-89-Bottom Line,Greenwich Village,NYC/60 Minutes

12-9-93-Seattle,Washington/100 Minutes

1992-"Al Stewart Acoustic Live",Collection Of Acoustic Performances/A++/70 Minutes

"The Fan Club-Only Cd"-Collection of Outtakes/Demos/Live Tracks/72 Minutes

7-9-95-"Live At Maui's"-Philadelphia,Pennsylvania/90 Minutes

?-?-?-"Live At The Roxy"-Excellent Performance & Quality/65 Minutes

?-?-98-Café Royal, London , England/125 Minutes

3-2-02-The Turning Point,New York/70 Minutes {VERY Audience,Split Into 4 Tracks}



2-14-92-Universal Ampitheatre,Ca/106 Minutes

“Rod Stewart:VH-1 Unplugged”/70 Minutes



6-22-74-Tokyo,Japan {6-8-91 Filler}/60 Minutes



6-26-76-Boston Garden-Boston,Massachusetts/120 Minutes{ A Few Digital Noise Spots}

6-27-76-Civic Center-Springfield,Massachusetts/120 Minutes

7-7-76-Civic Center-Providence,Rhode Island /120 Minutes

See “Crosby,Stills,Nash & Young”



7-11-87-Perugia,Italy/ w/Gil Evans Band/60 Minutes+

40th Birthday-Hollywood Bowl/50 Minutes

1991/1993-“The Chicago Sessions”- Studio Work /70 Minutes{UNREAL SBD}

9-30-91-“The Seas Of Silence”-Wembly Stadium-London,England/135 Minutes

2-14-94-Meadowlands,East Rutherford,NewJersey/130 Minutes{SBD}

2-19-94-“Dreaming Of You”-The Civic Center,Pensacola,Florida/142 Minutes

2-20-94-Coast Dome,Tampa,Florida/106 Minutes{Great Audience Recording}

“Cochise”-Italian-Released Bootleg-No Info/78 Minutes

7-15-96-Amagansett,New York-"Storytellers"

9-8-96-“A Perfect Night In Houston”-Houston,Texas/130 Minutes

?-?-96-Oslo,Norway/120 Minutes{Nice Audience Recording}

10-30-99-"Reasons Of The Heart"-Hollywood,California/140 Minutes{GREAT RECORDING!}

12-?-01-“Live At The BBC”,London,England/60 Minutes

10-7-03-The Blue 5 Club,Chicago,Illinois/60 Minutes{FM Broadcast}

“Sting In Foreign Tongues”-Collection Of Sting Songs In Other Languages/70 Minutes

“Sting: The Remixes”-Collection Of Remixed Classics/70 Minutes

“Sting: The Live Ep’s Collection”-Excellent Collection Of Live Material/190 Minutes

“Sting: Live On Television”-All Different Appearances All Over The World/270 Minutes

“Sting Bee’s”-Collection Of Studio Recordings/Demos/Outtakes/4-CD’s

See also "Concert For Walden Woods" , "The Police" & “DVD Section”



?-?-95-Unknown Venue/70 Minutes



?-?-82-Toronto "Baby Blue Eyes"/61 Minutes

See "Brian Setzer"



1-13-82-"Live Illusion"-Tokyo,Japan/70 Minutes

8-?-96-"Paradise Nevada"-Las Vegas, NV/71 Minutes{Soundboard}



“VH-1: Live And More”/60 Minutes



“Dreamers”-Cleveland,Ohio/70 Minutes



12-3-77-Venue Unknown/60 Minutes

12- -78-UCLA,Los Angeles,California/90 Minutes

?-?-79"The Big Country"-10 Tracks-/4 Tracks-1984 Tour {EXCELLENT}/65 Minutes

2-27-81-The Sun Palace,Tokyo,Japan/60 Minutes



?-?-70-Berkeley Theater,Oakland,California/70 Minutes{w/Carole King}

6-18-71-Carnegie Hall,NYC,New York/90 Minutes{James Taylor Sits In w/Carole King}

?-?-71-Oakland,California/68 Minutes{SBD}

1986-Germany/35 Minutes

Date Unknown/ With the Boston Pops Orchestra/40 Minutes(On 1 Cd w/above show)

9-22-89-“Wild Mountain Time”-Tellruide Bluegrass Festival/85 Minutes/{SBD}

1989-1990-"Sweet Potato Pie"-"Never Die Young" Tour-Boston,Massachusetts/75 Minutes

1992-Location Unknown/Complete Show/120 Minutes

7-28-01-Polaris Ampitheater,Columbus,Ohio/115 Minutes {SBD}



1-7-77-Chicago,Illinois-Solo Acoustic&Talks About Marijuana/65 Minutes

3-9-79-The Bottom Line,Greenwich Village,New York City/60 Minutes



8-7-93-Academy of Music,New York City,N.Y./74 Minutes

4-30-96-Fillmore West,San Francisco,California/140 Minutes

“The Lifehouse Demos”-Classic Pete Solo Demos/200 Minutes

See "The Who"



?-?-68/69-Traffic/-Jimi Hendrix Studio Jams/60 Minutes

11-23-70-Anderson Theater,New York/70 Minutes {Nice Filler Too}

8-?-94-Saugerties,N.Y.{Woodstock}/74 Minutes

?-?-89-"Steve Winwood Solo"-Boston Massachusetts/68 Minutes



“ In The Studio ”- Various Outtakes And Cover Material {From A Vinyl Bootleg}/65 Minutes



11-23-94-Cotton Club,Atlanta,Georgia/150 Minutes {Digital Soundboard-Killer}



12-30-99-Thomas&Mack Center,UNLV,Las Vegas,Nevada w/Elton John/185 Minutes



3-6-81-Boston Massachusetts/110 Minutes

5-11-81-Rainbow Music Theater, Denver,Colorado /55 Minutes{FM}

8-6-81-“Pictures In Grey”-Galeen Sportspark,Pinkpop Festival/60 Minutes

12-6-82-Hammersmith Palais,England/68 Minutes {SBD}

?-?-86-Amnesty International Concert,E. Rutherford,New Jersey/40 Minutes{+Police}

?-?-87-Las Vegas, Nevada/Opening Night Of Joshua Tree Tour/90 Minutes {Audience}

4-29-87-"Rock's Hottest Ticket"-Rosemont Horizon-Chicago,Illinois/120 Minutes {Incredible!}

5-16-87-Meadowlands,East Rutherford,New Jersey/120 Minutes

8-8-87-Cork, Ireland/Joshua Tree Tour/100 Minutes {Audience}

11-7-87-McNichols Arena,Denver,Colorado/120 Minutes {Excellent SBD}

11-8-87-McNichols Arena,Denver,Colorado/120 Minutes

12-30-89-The Point Depot,Dublin,Ireland/110 Minutes

12-31-89-The Point Depot,Dublin,Ireland/115 Minutes {Final Joshua Tree Tour Show!!}

"Zootopia"-Supposedly The Best Show Of The Tour/145 Minutes

8-18-92-Saratoga Raceway,Saratoga,New York/135 Minutes {Videotape As Well}

8-12-93-Wembley Stadium,London,England/134 Minutes

8-23-93-Dublin,Ireland/Last European Show of 1993/~100 Minutes

11-29-93-Sidney,Australia/90 Minutes

4-25-97-Sam Boyd Stadium,Las Vegas,Nevada/130 Minutes{SBD}

7-31-97-Mannhein,Germany/70 Minutes{Great SBD}

12-3-97-Live In Mexico-Soundboard/135 Minutes

12-5-00-New York City,International Broadcast/70 Minutes

3-22-01-“Elevation Rehearsal”{Excellent}/100 Minutes

3-24-01-"Opening Night"-Miami,Florida/120 Minutes {SBD}

3-29-01-"Excavation"-Charlotte Coliseum,North Carolina/130 Minutes

4-28-01-Phoenix,Arizona/145 Minutes

5-3-01-Gund Arena-Cleveland,Ohio/125 Minutes {SBD-EXCELLENT!!}

6-21-01-Continental Arena,East Rutherford,New Jersey/120 Minutes

6-22-01-Continental Arena,East Rutherford,New Jersey/120 Minutes

7-17-01-Palais Omnisports De Paris Bercy,Paris,France/120 Minutes

7-21-01-Turin Stadium,Turin,Italy/120 Minutes

10-10-01-University Of Notre Dame,South Bend,Indiana/120 Minutes

10-19-01-Baltimore Arena-Baltimore,Maryland/120 Minutes

10-24-01-Madison Square Garden,N.Y.C,N.Y./120 Minutes

10-25-01-Madison Square Garden,N.Y.C.,N.Y./120 Minutes

10-27-01-Madison Square garden,N.Y.C.,N.Y./120 Minutes

10-30-01-Dunkin Donuts Center-Providence,Rhode Island/120 Minutes {DAT}

10-31-01-Dunkin Donuts Center-Providence,Rhode Island/120 Minutes {DAT}

11-02-01-Philadelphia,Pennsylvania/120 Minutes

11-13-01-Staples Center,Los Angeles,California/120 Minutes

11-18-01-Thomas&Mack Center,UNLV,Las Vegas,Nevada/120 Minutes

11-23-01-America West Arena-Phoenix,Arizona/120 Minutes

11-30-01-Philips Arena-Atlanta,Georgia/130 Minutes

12-02-01-Miami,Florida/130 Minutes

"Duets"-Bono And Various Musicians/70 Minutes

"ZooCoustic"-A Collection Of All Live Acoustic U2 Cover Songs/76 Minutes

"Bono Talks"-Interview,{Semi-Stoned}From Philadelphia/60 Minutes

"The Achtung Demos"-Outtakes and Demos From "Achtung Baby"/215 Minutes

"Cuts and Such"-Collection of U2 Outtakes & Live Songs/Duets/75 Minutes

"The Bono Solo Projects"-EXCELLENT Collection Of Bono Solo Material/135 Minutes

"The Ground Beneath  2000"-Collection Of Various Live Cuts/Outtakes From 2000/70 Minutes

"U2 Does Covers"-Collection Of Mostly Live Cover Songs/70 Minutes

"U2:The Unreleased Album"-Collection Of Open Jam Recordings In Studio/68 Minutes

“U2-The 7” & 12” Collection Parts 2,5,6,7,&9-Collection of Outtakes/Demos/350 Minutes

See “VCD Section” & “DVD Section”



2-25-82-Los Angeles,California/110 Minutes{SBD}

See “Todd Rundgren”



10-19-91-"Welcome To The Ultra Zone"-El Auditorio De La Isla De Cartuja,Sevilla,Spain/125 Minutes

?-?-?-Venue Unknown-"777 On The Rocks"/73 Minutes

1-29-97-"Fire In The East",Festival Hall,Osaka,Japan/125 Minutes

1-21-00-Tokyo,Japan/120 Minutes

4-1-00-"Voodoo Milk"-La Laiterie,Strasbourg,France/120 Minutes



?-?-76-"Goldenwest Ballroom" /74 Minutes{Some Nice "Never-Released" Tracks}

10-(26&27)-77-"Blueprint"-Collection of  Unmixed Demos for Warner Brothers/135 Minutes

12-20-77-Pasedena,California- "LIVE USA"/A+ /53 Minutes

3-25-79-"Live And Loud"-Fan Club Only Release/70 Minutes{1st Night of VH II Tour}

3-25-79-“On Fire In Fresno”-Different Release From Above Show/73 Minutes

6-17-78-Shinjuk Hall,Tokyo,Japan/72 Minutes

6-23-80-“1980 London Invasion”,London,England/78 Minutes

?-?-81-Greensboro Coliseum,Greensboro,North Carolina/130 Minutes {SBD}

5-29-83-Devore,California-"US Festival"/120 Minutes

5-21-84-“Fan Club Only “-San Diego, California/75 Minutes

3-30-84-Madison Square Garden,NYC.-"This Ain’t No F-ckin’ Quiet Riot” Lawsuit Show/90 Minutes

8-18-84-"Diamond Dave's Last Faze"-Donnington/72 Minutes

8-25-84-Raasunda Stadium-Stockholm,Sweden/90 Minutes

3-11-95-“Random Shot”Somewhere in Florida/130 Minutes

“The Reunion”-A Fake Collection Of The Best “DAVE” Van Halen Concert Cuts/130 Minutes

See “DVD Section”



?-?-79-Austin Texas Music Festival-"First Thunder"/70 Minutes

10-14-81-“Force Of Nature-Vol. 1”-Fitzgerald’s Club,Houston,Texas/130 Minutes

4-24-83-Venue Unknown/55 Minutes

1983-Stevie w/David Bowie Rehearsing For The Tour That Never Happened,Dallas,Texas/65 Minutes

6-20-83-“Force Of Nature-Vol. 2”-Fitzgerald’s Club,Houston,Texas/130 Minutes{Final Club Gig”}

7-11-83-"Live At The Mocambo"-Toronto,Canada/68 Minutes

“SRV:Memoriam”-Two Shows-Philadelphia:1983/Montreal,Canada:1984/145 Minutes

?-?-84-“Alone In The Ozone”-California/74 Minutes

?-?-Mid 80’s-“Don’t Mess With Texas”-Venue Unknown/65 Minutes

6-17-85-“Stilleto Rain”-Red Rocks Ampitheatre,Colorado/75 Minutes{SBD}

9-1-85-“Seattle Jammin”-Seattle,Washington/75 Minutes

March->May 1985-“Unsurpassed Masters-Volume One-“Soul To Soul” Sessions/75 Minutes

"From Power To Soul","Soul To Soul" Sessions/1987/130 Minutes/SUPERB !!

6-30-87-“Unforgettable Night”-Mann Music Center-Philadelphia,Pennsylvania/75 Minutes

5-20-88-Great Woods Ampitheatre-Mansfield,Massachusetts/65 Minutes

7-3-88-“Pistola Blues Festival”-Plaza Del Duomo,Italy/55 Minutes

10-6-88-The Greek Theater-Los Angeles,California/77 Minutes

10-14-88-Austin Opera House/80 Minutes

1989 "Lost in Austin",Austin, Texas/60 Minutes {Soundboard}

“In Session With Albert King”-Canada-Very Informal,Killer Blues Jams/60 Minutes

11-?-89-Albuquerque,New Mexico/80 Minutes

8-25-90-Alpine Valley,Wisconsin/"His 2nd To Last Show"/68 Minutes

8-26-90-Alpine Valley,Wisconsin/ "His Last Show"/140 Minutes

See “VCD Section” & “DVD Section”



?-?-?-"Bobby's Backyard"{Also Contains Brent Mydland Solo Material}/72 Minutes

11-26-82-"Bobby&The Midnites,World Music Festival,Montego Bay,Jamaica/77 Minutes

3-30-88-Bob Weir/Jorma Kaukonen,New York City,N.Y./70 Minutes

5-15-90-San Juan Capistrano,California/90 Minutes

1-25-92-SEVA Benefit,Berkeley,California w/Hot Tuna/65 Minutes

8-24-92-Meadowlands Parking Lot,E. Rutherford,New Jersey/90 Minutes

8-9-95-Bobby's Tribute To Jerry Garcia-Hampton Beach,New Hampshire/145 Minutes

7-30-96-"Ratdog"-Shoreline Ampitheater,Mountain View, California/100 Minutes

?-?-1999-Wetlands Preserve {Digital Soundboard-Awesome!}/130 Minutes

6-24-2000-"Ratdog"-Bridgeport,Connecticut/115 Minutes{SBD}

6-10-2001-Sweetwater,Mill Valley,California w/Lesh & Haynes/180 Minutes{AWESOME}

7-23-02-Ntelos Harbor Center-Portsmouth,Virginia w/Phil & Bill/160 Minutes

8-3-02-Terrapin Station Festival,As The Other Ones-4 Original Members{FM Broadcast-Chicago}

8-4-02-Terrapin Station Festival,As The Other Ones-4 Original Members{Internet Broadcast}

3-5-04-Roseland Theater,Portland,Oregon/140 Minutes {Killer SBD}

3-6-04-Commodore Ballroom,Vabcouver,British Columbia/140 Minutes {Killer SBD}

3-12-04-Big Easy Concert House,Boise,Idaho/140 Minutes {Killer SBD}

See "Grateful Dead" & “DVD Section”



1992-"Tribute To Jimi Hendrix"-Ohio/72 Minutes



"My Generation"-The Group's First Album w/Bonus Tracks/70 Minutes

“Reaction”-Collection Of Demos&Outtakes From 1964-1971/70 Minutes

4-6-68-"Who Were Those Masked Men?"-Fillmore East+/65 Minutes

"Substitutes"-Collection Of Privately Held Rare Tracks And Commercials/70 Minutes

9-29-69-Amsterdam,Holland/120 Minutes{Great Sound}{Entire "Tommy"}

"The Collector's WHO'S NEXT"-Outtakes From The Album/70 Minutes

?-?-71-"The Record Plant Sessions"-Who's Next Outtakes/70 Minutes

?-?-71-“Music Must Change”-Pete Townsend Demos For “Who Are You” Album/77 Minutes

5-18-74-Charlton Athletic Football Club-London,England/120 Minutes

11-20-75-The Houston Summit,Houston,Texas/135 Minutes {Great SBD}

6-27-89-Radio City Music Hall,N.Y./160 Minutes {INCREDIBLE FM BROADCAST !!}

7-18-96-"On The Board"-The "Quadrophenia” Tour,Madison Sq.Garden,New York City/140 Minutes

10-29-99-"The Who At The I-Bash"-MGM Garden Arena,Las Vegas,Nevada/95 Minutes

11-?-99-House Of Blues-Chicago,Illinois/135 Minutes{Eddie Vedder Does 1 Song}

11-27-00-Royal Albert Hall,London,England/145 Minutes+Filler

6-26-02-“Final Rehearsal With John Entwhistle”-He Died Two Days Later/70 Minutes

7-1-02-“Who’s Left”-Hollywood Bowl,Los Angeles,California/125 Minutes

7-31-02-Madison Square Garden-New York City,New York{Packaged w/Robert Plant}/120 Minutes

8-3-02-Madison Square Garden-New York City,New York{Packaged w/Robert Plant}/120 Minutes

8-24-02-Tinley Park-Chicago,Illinois/145 Minutes

3-22-04-London,England/123 Minutes {SBD}

See “Pete Townsend” See “DVD Section”



1999?-“The Bridge Benefit”-Nice Show/76 Minuutes

6-24-01-Jones Beach, Long Island,New York/70 Minutes

6-30-01-Venue Unknown-Chicago,Illinois/70 Minutes



9-1-69-Texas Pop Festival-Motor Speedway-Dallas,Texas/60 Minutes

8-11-78-Paradise Theater,Boston,Massachusetts/120 Minutes

1973/1974-Johnny and Edgar Winter "Outstanding Brothers" /70 Minutes

?-?-90-"Barcelona Boogie"-Barcelona Spain/70 Minutes

12-13-91-Paradise Theatre,Boston,Mass/76 Minutes(AWESOME !!)



7-4-73-Rainbow Theater,London,England/72 Minutes

?-?-72/73? - "Superstitious"/55 Minutes{EXCELLENT}

“The Very Best Of Stevie Wonder”-Unreleased Collection of 40 Classic Songs/140 Minutes



4-18-79-“Circus Of Heaven”-Quebec Coliseum,Quebec,Canada/120 Minutes

“Cinema 90XYZ”-Studio Soundboard Sessions Of Yes Members With Jimmy Page/140 Minutes



2-25-70-Cincinnati,Ohio/35 Minutes{On One Cd w/Show Below}

2-25-70-Cincinnati,Ohio/Entire Performance/74 Minutes{Weird Feedback Between Tracks,But Great!}

12-4-70-Carnegie Hall,NYC,NY/45 Minutes {On One Cd With Above Show}

11-6-76 Through 11-24-76-"Acoustic Young"/74 Minutes{SBD-Gift To The Roadies}

8-27-88-Jones Beach Music Center,Wantagh,New York/130 Minutes{Crystal Cat Release}

8-22-89-"Stringman"-Venue Unknown/74 Minutes{Excellent}

11-12-89-"Acoustic In Paris"/70 Minutes {Excellent}

“Neil Young:Rare”-Nice Collection Of Various Songs/75 Minutes

7-7-96-Werchter Festival,Belgium/130 Minutes

4-27-99-E.J. Thomas Hall,Akron, Ohio/145 Minutes{Excellent}

9-2-00-New World Theater,Tinley Park, Chicago,Illinois{w/Friend&Family}/140 Minutes

9-19-00-Red Rocks Ampitheater,Morrison,Colorado/120 Minutes

7-24-01-Sportpaleis Ahoy,Rotterdam,Holland {With Crazy Horse}/190 Minutes

5-18-02-Rock Am Ring,Holland/155 Minutes

See “Crosby,Stills,Nash,& Young” & “DVD Section”



10-1-81-Club 88/67 Minutes



12-22-76-The Palladium,New York City,New York/145 Minutes{SBD}

Feb->June 1988-Tour Highlights/140 Minutes {SBD}



10-6-79- "Los Diablos"-Gruga Halle,Essen,Germany/140 Minutes

5-30-80-“Burnin’ The Capital”-Capital Theater-Passaic,New Jersey/75 Minutes





“San Francisco Nights”-7-CD Set Of The “1960’s San Francisco Live Sound ”/450 Minutes


“The Concert For Walden Woods”-9-6-1993-Artists Include Don Henley,Elton John,Sting,

Aerosmith. Guest Appearance By Jimmy Buffet On A Song w/Don Henley/180 Min


“Closing Of The Fillmore East”-Allman Brothers,Edgar Winter,Beach Boys,Etc./140 Minutes


“Live Aid“-7-13-84-Various Artist Highlights/160 Minutes{NOT DAO}


“Thanks For The Mammaries”-Bizarre Set Of Unreleased Music From Famous Artists/120 Minutes


“Copulatin’ Blues”-Collection of Blues Songs From The 40’s w/Sexual Undertones/70 Minutes


“Blues Story:Volumes 1,2,3”-Collection Of Classic Blues From the 20’s To The 80’s/70 Minutes






6-30-64-Budokan-Tokyo,Japan/31 Minutes{Includes Show Below}

7-1-64-Budokan-Tokyo,Japan/31 Minutes{Includes Above Show}

?-?-64-“The Australian Tour ‘64”-Interviews & Performances Down Under/50 Minutes

?-?-64-“The New Musical Express Concert”/100 Minutes

9-12-65-“Ed Sullivan Show”-Great Footage Of Beatle Performances/40 Minutes{B&W}

?-?-66-“The Beatles In Munich”-Documentary Footage & Concert/50 Minutes {WAY COOL!!}

“The Video Companion”-Cuts From 1962->1970 With Video Clips To Watch/2 Cd’s

The Making Of Sergeant Pepper”-Nice Documentary/115 Minutes

?-?-70-“Sweet Toronto”-John Lennon & The Plastic Ono Band w/Clapton/50 Minutes

?-?-71-John Lennon-Yoko-Frank Zappa-Fillmore East/35 Minutes

1991-Paul McCartney ABC-TV Special/35 Minutes

4-3-02-San Jose,California {Paul McCartney}

4-5-02-MGM Grand Hotel,Las Vegas {Paul McCartney}

5-5-02-Anaheim,California {Paul McCartney}



“Storytellers”/1 Cd



VH-1 Storytellers/78 Minutes



1977-“Montreal: Works”-Very Nice, Professionally Shot Video/125 Minutes



7-17-99-Pine Knob Music Center,Detroit,Michigan/85 Minutes



4-17-72-Copenhagen,Denmark-/12 Songs

7-12-76-“The Soundcheck Video” {From VHS-Grainy But Cool}/140 Minutes

7-4-86-“Farm Aid”-Rich Stadium,Orchard Park,New York/78 Minutes{Incomplete}

3-19-90-Hartford Civic Center,Hartford,Connecticut/Entire Show

5-31-92-Sam Boyd Stadium,Las Vegas,Nevada/2nd Half Of Set 2 w/Steve Miller

6-26-94-Sam Boyd Stadium,Las Vegas,Nevada/1st Set {Minus 1 Song,But GREAT}



1-9-69-Konserthuset,Stockholm,Sweden/56 Minutes{Black & White,Great Quality}



?-?-69-Danish Television Performance/33 Minutes/CLASSIC !!



“Live From The Tragic Kingdom”-120 Minutes+Filler Video Clips



“Behind The Music”-Nice Documentary/60 Minutes



10-3-95-Irvine,California/3 VCD Disks



6-19-77-CBS TV SPECIAL{Never Released, He Was TOTALLY WASTED}/73 Minutes



1-8-77-Rockpalast,Hamburg,Germany/2 VCD Disks



1978-Cleveland Agora w/Southside Johnny{EXCELLENT QUALITY}/60 MInutes

4-20-99-Milan, Italy/3 Disks {Bit Of An Audio/Video Sync Problem}

8-27-02-Compaq Center-San Jose,California{Very Nice}

8-29-02-Video Music Awards Concert{Occasional Jitter,But Great}{See DVD Section}

10-5-02-Saturday Night Live Rehearsals{EXCELLENT SVCD}

10-27-02-Wembley Stadium,London,England{Nice Side Angle}

5-27-03-Crystal Palace National Sports Arena, London,England{Crystal Cat Sound Dub}



?-?-99-“Brand New Day”/2 Cd’s {Excellent}



VH-1 Storytellers/45 Minutes

“The Making Of Aja”-Nice Documentary/70 Minutes



3-26-01-Florida/3 Disks

5-25-01-Toronto,Canada/3 Disks {Lots Of Different Camera Angles}



“In Session With Albert King”-Canada-Very Informal,Killer Blues Jams/60 Minutes

“Live On Austin City Limits”-Great Video Footage”/60 Minutes



CONCERTS ON DVD: {Ready For Trades}




7-30-03-The 2003 SARStock Concert,Downsview Park,Toronto,Canada/2 Disks {w/Rush And The Rolling Stones}



?-?-77-Unknown Venue, No Info Unfortunately/1 Disk

12-6-94-Venue Unknown/1 Disk {Pro Shot}



9-23-70-Fillmore East,New York City,New York/1 Disk {Pro Shot, But A Few VHS Generations}

3-18-04-Beacon Theater,New York City,New York/2 Disks {W/Warren & Chris Robinson Set}



“The Television Appearance Compilation”-Lots Of Interviews/Appearances/1 Disk



12-9-83-Madison Square Garden,New York City,New York/2 Disks



“The Concerts”-Two Hours Of Footage From Various Beatles Concerts/1 Disk

“New Musical Express”-The Beatles On Tour With Several Other UK Acts Of ‘64/1 Disk



9-11-02-Unknown Venue,Japan/1 Disk {Excellent}

12-30-03-“Concert From The Boardwalk”-The Borgata Hotel,Atlantic City,New Jersey/1 Disk



?-?—04-Venue Unknown,Florida/1 Disk {Audience Camera}



?-?-78-Rockpalast,Hamburg,Germany{German TV Special}/1 Disk

“Glass Spider Tour”-Venue Unknown/1 Disk

10-14-97-“The Earthling On TV”-Various TV Appearances/2 Disks

4-1-04-Toronto Air Canada Center,Toronto,Canada/1 Disk {Nice Amateur Cam}



10-25/26-03-Shoreline Ampitheater,Mountain View,California-With Neil Young,Pearl Jam, Counting Crows,CSNY,Incubus,& Willie Nelson/3 Disks



?-?-86-Rockpalast,Hamburg,Germany/1 Disk {Some Minor Flaws}/1 Disk



?-?-78-“Live At Budokan”/1 Disk {Pro Shot, 2nd or 3rd Generation VHS to DVD}

8-30-79-Rockpalast,Hamburg,Germany/2 Disks {VERY Nice Pro Shot}

8-5-81-“Chicagofest”-Chicago,Illinois/1 Disk {VERY Nice Pro Shot}



12-4-2001-“Double Layla“-Budokan,Tokyo,Japan/1 Disk {Pro Shot}

“Nothing But The Blues”/1 Disk {Never-Released TV Special, Pro Shot}



?-?-83-Rockpalast,Hamburg,Germany/1 Disk

VH-1 Unplugged{& Unedited}/1 Disk

“A&E: Live By Request”-Commercials Edited Out,Nicely Authored/1 Disk

“CMT Special- Elvis Costello & Lucinda Williams”/1 Disk



?-?-?-“Hard Candy” Tour-Amsterdam,Holland/1 Disk {Excellent High Definition/Authored}



9-14-74-Wembley Stadium,London,England/1 Disk {Pro Shot}

9-17-00-FARM AID 2000,Nissan Pavilion,Stone Ridge,Virginia/1 Disk {+ Willie Nelson Encore}/1 Disk

See ”Bridge School Benefit”



9-26-02-Universal Ampitheater,University City,California/1 Disk



?-?-76-Venue Unknown,Seattle,Washington/1 Disk {Pro Shot}

?-?-95-“Southern Cross Night”-Unknown Venue,New Zealand/1 Disk {Pro Shot}

5-26-03-US Bank Arena,Cincinnati,Ohio/2 Disks {Nicely Authored-FIVE Amateur Cameras}



12-9-70-Venue Unknown/1 Disk {Pro-Shot}



?-?-82-Mirage Tour {I Believe California, But Not Sure}/1 Disk



9-22-04-“A&E By Request”-Nice Live TV Show Video/1 Disk



11-19-91-Civic Center,Providence,Rhode Island/1 Disk



8-27-72 -“Sunshine Daydream”-Concert Footage Of Historic Kesey Concert In Oregon/1 Disk

8-4-76-Roosevelt Stadium,Jersey City,New Jersey/1 Disk {Set 1 Only & B/W}

4-26-77-Capital Theater,Passaic,New Jersey/1 Disk {Pro Shot Black & White}

?-?-78-“Grateful Dead In Egypt”-Documentary-Style With Concert Clips/1 Disk

11-24-78-Capitol Theater,Passaic,New Jersey/2 Disks {Songs Seem To Be Out Of Order}

3-28-81-Gruga Halle,Essen,Germany/1 Disk

9-18-87-Madison Square Garden,New York City,New York City/2 Disks {Video-Audience, Sound-SBD}

8-19-89-The Greek Theater,Berkeley,California/3 Disks{Excellent: Dubbed SBD Sound}

3-22-90-Copps Coliseum,Hamilton,Ontario,Canada/2 Disks {Video-Audience,Sound-SBD}

3-24-90-Knickerbocker Arena,Albany,New York/1 Disk {1st Set Only}

12-2-92-McNichols Arena,Denver,Colorado/2 Disk {Nice Audience-Good Sound}

6-26-94-Sam Boyd Stadium,Las Vegas,Nevada/1 Disk {Pro Shot-1st Set Only-CLASSIC!!}

7-28-01-“Phil & Friends”-Tweeter Center,Camden,New Jersey/1 Disk



8-29-03-Hard Rock Café,Tokyo,Japan-Features Paul Gilbert & John Paul Jones/1 Disk



7-4-85-Liberty Park,Jersey City,New Jersey/1 Disk {Pro Shot,Great Authoring}



4-14-89-Venue Unknown,London,England/1 Disk {Pro Shot}



2-24-69-Royal Albert Hall,London,England/1 Disk {CLASSIC}

1-1-69-Konserthuset-Stockholm,Sweden/1 Disk

12-31-69/1-1-70-Fillmore East,New York City,New York/1 Disk {Band Of Gypsies}

7-4-70-Atlanta Pop Festival,Atlanta,Georgia/1 Disk

“The Jimi Hendrix Video Experience”-Nice Clips From TV Shows & Concerts/1 Disk



8-19-94-The Fastlane,Asbury Park,New Jersey/1 Disk {Nice Amateur Shot}



6-18-94-Frankfurt,Germany/1 Disk {PRO SHOT}



“The Lost Exposed Outtakes”-Outtakes From The Movie+An Ace Business Meeting/3 Disks {Pro Shot}



“Joni-Fest”-Nice Collection Of Performances On Television And In Concert/1 Disk



Various Clips From 1969-1970/1 Disk



1-21-72-Rainbow Theater,London,England: BBC-TV “In Concert”/1 Disk



5-?-96-“Later With Jools Holland”/1 Disk {Pro Shot}



7-17-77-“Cosmic Energy”-Seattle Kingdome,Seattle,Washington/2 Disks {Pro Shot}

3-1-98/3-25-98-“The Obscured Collection”-Page & Plant +Led Zeppelin “Legends”/4 Disks Set

“It’s Only Rock & Roll”- Robert Plant,Jimmy Page & Friends At Montreaux/1 Disk

“Led Zeppelin:The Premier Edition”-Footage From Various Live Shows/1 Disk {Pro Shot}



8-2-02-“Austin City Limits”-Also Contains Ratdog Footage/1 Disk



1977-Asbury Park,New Jersey/1976-Winterland,San Francisco,California/1 Disk

“The Old Grey Whistle Test”-London England/1 Disk



“John Lennon: Homemade”-VERY Rare Video Of John Lennon {TV & Personal}/1 Disk

“Messenger”-Documentary-Style Look At John And The Beatles Phenomena/1 DIsk



6-13-80-Rockpalast,Hamburg,Germany/1 Disk



“Austin City Limits” w/Double Trouble & Buddy Guy/1 Disk



“The Keith Moon Compilation”-Doumentary-Style Look At The Great Drummer/1 Disk

See “The Who”



“Those 70’s Shows”-Nice Collection Of Concert Appearances From The 70’s/1 Disk



1994 “Unplugged Show”,Sony Studios,New York City,New York/1 Disk {I Was There}



3-19-84-Salt Lake City,Utah/1 Disk {Transferred From An Out-Of-Print Laserdisc}



1975-“Wings Over Melbourne”-Various Clips,Rehearsal Footage,Home Movies,Etc./1 Disk

1976-“Rockshow”-Nice Complete Concert From “Wings Over America” Tour/1 Disk

4-17-02-Continental Arena,East Rutherford,New Jersey/1 Disk {Nice,2 Amateur Cameras}

5-24-03-Red Square,Moscow,Russia/2 Disks {Pro Shot}

5-30-04-Estadio De Madrid,Madrid,Spain/1 Disk {Pro Shot}



“The KQEP,San Francisco Show”-Hour Long Show Of Videos/1 Disk

8-9-80-“Highest Hopes: “The Wall” At Earl’s Court,London,England/1 Disk

“A DVD Full Of Secrets”-An Interesting Collection Of Concerts/Videos/Interviews/1 Disk



5-10-88-Maple Leaf Gardens,Toronto,Canada w/Stevie Ray Vaughan/2 Disks

5-31-01-Madison Square Garden.New York City,New York/1 Disk



1-11-80-Rockpalast,Hamburg,Germany/1 Disk



7-17-81 Rockpalast,Hamburg,Germany/1 Disk



“Freedom”-Collection Of Concert Footage & Interviews With The Man In Purple/3 Disks



1-9-74-“Live At The Rainbow”-London,England/1 Disk

?-?-81-“We Will Rock You”-Montreal,Canada/1 Disk

11-5-85-Yogishi Swimming Pool Auditorium,Tokyo,Japan/1 Disk



5-1-02-“Austin City Limits”-Also Contains Los Lobos Footage/1 Disk



10-11-03-L.A. Forum,Los Angeles,California/1 Disk {Nicely Authored Multi-Cam}



12-18-81-“The Tour Opener”-Hampton,Virginia/2 Disks

10-31-02-Venue Unknown,California/1 Disk{Audience Camera,Not Complete Show,But Nice}

1-18-03-Madison Square Garden,New York City,New York/1 Disk {PRO SHOT}

7-30-03-The 2003 SARStock Concert,Downsview Park,Toronto,Canada/2 Disks {w/Rush And AC/ DC}



11-13-76-“Old Grey Whistle Test”-New Victoria Theatre,London/1 Disk {Time Meter Across The Screen}



“The Video Collection:1973-1978”/1 Disk

“The Video Collection: Part 2”/1 Disk

4-9-83-Venue Unknown-Montreal,Quebec,Canada/1 Disk

10-21-91-Rehearsal Footage/1 Disk

10-24-91-Rehearsal Footage/1 Disk

3-22-94-The Palace Of Auburn Hills,Auburn Hills,Michigan/2 Disks {Pro Shot}

5-7-94-“Farewell To The Garden”-Maple Leaf Garden,Toronto,Canada/2 Disks

7-17-02-Molson Center,Montreal,Quebec/2 Disks

10-15-02 Tour-Baltimore,Maryland-Nice Audience Video/1 Disk {Amateur Camera}

7-30-03-The 2003 SARStock Concert,Downsview Park,Toronto,Canada/2 Disks

{w/The Rolling Stones And AC/DC}

8-9-04-Radio City Music Hall,New York City,New York/2 Disks



12-17-03-American Airlines Arena,Miami,Florida/1 Disk {Amateur,But Great}



8-15-78-Capitol Theater,Landover,Maryland/3 Disks {2 Missing Songs,But Awesome]

9-20-78-Capitol Theater,Passaic,New Jersey/2 Disks {Pro Shot B/W}

?-?-80-“The River Rehearsal”-Nice 3rd or 4th Generation Video/1 Disk

11-24-80-Largo,Maryland/4 Disks{Supposedly The Best Video Of “The River” Tour}

1-23-1981-The Forum,Montreal,Canada/2 Disks {Amateur,Dubbed w/Good Audience Sound}

7-26-84-“Whole Lotta Rosie”-Exhibition Stadium,Toronto,Canada/1 Disk {Pro Shot-Incomplete}

“The Born In The USA Reel”-Clips & Assorted Material From The “Born In The USA” Tour/1 Disk

8-7-85-Municipal Stadium,Cleveland,Ohio/1 Disk {Amateur Shot}

8-22-85-Giants Stadium,East Rutherford,New Jersey/2 Disks

“Tunnel Of Love Express Tour”-Highlights From 1988 Tour/1 Disk {Killer Bonus Footage}

10-15-88-“Human Rights Tour: Finale”, Estadio De Rio De La Plata,Buenas Aires,Argentina /1 Disk

“Bruce Springsteen:Plugged & Raw”/2 Disks {Pro Shot}

7-9-95-Café Eckstein,Berlin,Germany/1 Disk {Real Rare Stuff Here}

“Secret History”-Documentary & Interviews About His Entire Career/1 Disk

5-8-00-“Second Night”-Hartford,Connecticut/2 Disks {First Song Cuts In,Missing 30 Seconds}

8-18-02-Thomas&Mack Center@UNLV-Las Vegas,Nevada/1 Disk {Nice Amateur Shot}

8-29-02-MTV Video Music Awards,The Planetarium/Radio City Music Hall,NYC,NY/2 Disks {+SNL Rehearsals-10-5-02}/A++{Pro Shot}

11-12-02-US Bank Arena,Cincinnati,Ohio/2 Disk {2 Amateur Cameras,But Nice}

2-28-03-CBS TV Special/1 Disk

6-28-03-"Blood Brothers On A Stormy Night"-Milan,Italy/2 Disks {Nice Screen Video}

7-15-03-Giants Stadium,East Rutherford,New Jersey/2 Disks {Nicely Authored-Screen Shot}

8-13-03-“ISO:Chicago”-New Comiskey Field,Chicago,Illinois/2 Disks {Amateur,But Nicely Done}

8-30-03-Giants Stadium,East Rutherford,New Jersey {2 Disks-Nicely Authored}

8-31-03-Giants Stadium,East Rutherford,New Jersey {2 Disks-3 Cam,Nice}

9-27-03-“Milwaukee Lights”-Milwaukee,Wisconsin/2 Disks

10-3-03-Shea Stadium,Flushing,New York/2 Disks

10-4-03-Shea Stadium,Flushing,New York/2 Disks {Guest: Bob Dylan}

12-7-03-Convention Hall,Asbury Park,New Jersey-Lots Of Special Guests/2 Disks

10-1-04-“Vote For Change”-Fleet Center,Philadelphia,Pennsylvania/1 Disk

10-2-04-“Vote For Change”-Gund Arena,Cleveland,Ohio/2 Disks {Excellent 2 Cam Shot}



?-?-71-BBC Theater,London,England/1 Disk {Plus: Olympia Theater,London 12-24-76}

2-6-04-Office Depot Center,Sunrise,Florida/1 Disk {Really Nice Amateur Video}



3-?-04-Beacon Theater,New York City, New York/1 Disk {Single Audience Cam}



Summer 1969-Really Raw Bootlegged Footage Of Some Of The Acts From the Concert

Janis Joplin,Ten Years After,Led Zeppelin,Chicago,Etc./1 Disk



July 17th,18th,&19th,1970-“New York Pop Festival”-Performances by:

Grand Funk Railroad,Jimi Hendrix Experience,Rhinocerus,John B. Sebastian,

Steppenwolf,Jethro Tull,Mountain,Richie Havens,Ten Years After,

Delaney&Bonnie&Friends,Tony Williams Lifetime,Joe Cocker,

Dr. John,Ravi Shankar,Elephant’s Memory,Voices of East Harlem,&

Van Morrison/1 Disk



2-1-72-Santa Monica Civic Auditorium,Santa Monica,California/1 Disk {Excellent Pro Shot}



?-?-79-L’Amours,Brooklyn.New York/1 Disk {Pro Shot}



10-10-02-Notre Dame University,Indiana/1 Disk {Pro Shot}

12-2-01-American Airlines Arena,Miami,Florida/1 Disk {Multi-Cam Amateur Shot,Nice Sound}



1-24-85-Shiba Yubinchukin Hall,Tokyo,Japan/1 Disk {Pro Shot-Excellent}

“The Austin City Limits Outtakes Collection”/1 Disk {Pro Shot}



?-?-83-Venue Unknown-Sao Paolo,Brazil/1 Disk {Pro Shot}

2-11-83-Estadio De Rio De La Plata,Buenas Aires,Argentina/1 Disk {Pro Shot-A Few Generations}

4-19-84-“Quorum At The Montreal Forum”-Montreal,Canada/1 Disk {VERY Amateur Video}

11-1-86-“David Lee Roth In Montreal,Canada”/1 Disk

“Rage”-Killer Collection Of Van Halen Videos From Dave To Sammy/2 Disks

6-11-04-Greensboro,North Carolina/1 Disk {Audience Cam}

6-23-04-Continental Arena,East Rutherford,New Jersey/1 Disk {Nice Screen Recording}



5-14-04-Kansas City,Missouri/1 Disk {Pretty Good Amateur Cam}



?-?-1993-Camp Lejuene/1 Disk {Nice Bonus Videos}

“The Joe Walsh Video Compilation”-TV Appearances & “Radio Song” Video/1 Disk



11-20-73-San Francisco. California/1 Disk

?-?-75-Ridgefield Coliseum,Cleveland,Ohio+Chicago 1975/1 Disk {Pro Shot,A Few Generations}

“The Keith Moon Compilation”-Nice Documentary-Style Look At The Great Drummer/1 Disk

12-?-79-Chicago,Illinois/3 Disks

?-?-02-“The Who Smoke The Joint”-The Joint,Hard Rock Hotel,Las Vegas,Nevada/1 Disk



August 1969-UNAIRED FOOTAGE (Joe Cocker,Sha Na Na,

Country Joe McDonald,Traffic,The Band, Grateful Dead,Janis Joplin,

Crosby,Stills,Nash & Young,CCR, Mountain,Johnny Winter,

John Sebastian&Jefferson Airplane)/1 Disk



6-14-89-Jones Beach,Long Island,New York/1 Disk

5-18-03-Venue Unknown/1 Disk

See "Crosby,Stills,Nash &Young" & "Bridge Benefit"


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